Betsy Burnett

Betsy Burnett


Betsy, also known as the Disco Ninja is a Ninja Warrior athlete, dancer and all-around fitness lover with a passion for inspiring the next generation and continuously finding ways to move and push her body in new and interesting ways. At school level she competed in athletics and dance and has an embedded love for dance, competing in freestyle disco when she lived in England. Having grown up in various countries and cities across the globe, she now calls the Northern Beaches of Sydney her home and is training hard to become the most inspiring athlete she can be for the next generation whilst striving for her goal of reaching the top of the warped wall in Australian Ninja Warrior!

Championship level freestyle disco dancer, F45 playoffs winner 2016, Australian ninja warrior season 1 semi-finalist.

How often do you train?
I usually train between 10-12 times a week but usually only over 5/6 days. I include stretch session and mobility training in these time slots too.

How do you take your supplements?
I use my Vegan 85 with almond milk and usually have it post-workout to kick those cravings. I even have it on my test days to get the afternoon sugar cravings out of the way! I use all my Greens, Acai, and Beet powder in my smoothies and I use my True Mug Cake mix when I feel like a little treat or dessert.

What’s your favourite True supplement?
My favourite True Protein supplement is the Greens powder and ZMA. I love the Greens powder in my morning green smoothie which consists of 1 banana, 250ml almond milk, 1 scoop True Greens powder, 1 scoop True Acai powder and a handful of spinach all blended together in the blender. Yummo! I love the ZMA as it helps me recover whilst I'm sleeping.


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