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About us

True Protein was born out of a determination to transform the way people think and feel about protein.

But what makes us different?

True is unafraid to cut through the noise of an oversaturated market and break the mould to deliver authentic, all-natural products with genuine health benefits and none of the fake stuff. We bucked the trend for expensive, over-hyped, bad-tasting protein powders packed with false promises to reinvent the marketplace and create a 100% natural, delicious, quality protein with no gimmicks, nothing artificial and a completely transparent ingredient list.

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Make a True change

There are a lot of companies that try to do what we do, but we set our own standards. Our products mean you no longer have to use protein but want to use it. We demand the best by travelling the globe to source the highest quality raw ingredients and 100% natural flavourings to ensure you enjoy our products and feel their benefits. In fact, we guarantee it or your money back.

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Be True to you

No one wants to consume bad-tasting protein packed full of hidden sugars, additives, fillers and artificial flavours. At True we only create proteins we enjoy taking ourselves. Working with our expert team of sports dietitians, personal trainers, mixing masterminds and fitness professionals we deliver a pure and natural ingredient list with the best possible taste and no unwanted side effects. Why compromise for anything less?

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True empowerment

Here at True Protein we seek to empower everyone from fitness fanatics and professional athletes to the everyday health-conscious to provide the fuel for your passion without compromise. We value honesty, so aren’t afraid to shout about every ingredient that goes into our products and pledge to push the boundaries of sports nutrition to deliver the cleanest, most effective and best quality protein on the market.

Ben and James True Story

It all started with two surf-loving Aussie brothers, Ben and James Kierath, who were passionate about fitness but disappointed with the range of poor-tasting, bad quality supplements that went with it. From the problem came a lightbulb moment; if they were fed up with nasty after-tastes, fillers and false promises, why not change it? Driven by a thirst to push limits and break away from everything already on the market to create something more premium, the boys took their values for honest, clean ingredients and effective performance and worked tirelessly with a team of researchers and experts to develop a protein powder they – and everyone else in the office – loved.

In 2014 the Kierath’s unleashed their hard work on Australia and True Protein has since become the fastest-growing supplement company in the country, now selling over 300 products and 12 great flavours of protein, all 100% natural, packed with essential amino acids and healthy antioxidants, and with zero artificial sweeteners, additives or flavourings. From a simple idea, a movement towards a new industry standard was set.

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True Family

The saying ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’ (Helen Keller) was true from the start for Ben and James, who sought out experts, researchers, athletes, friends, family and colleagues to help them bring their vision to life. Today the True family has grown to a team of more than 26 permanent members of staff, including a dietitian, sports coach and personal trainers, alongside over 200 sponsored athletes, all responsible for bringing the products, and brand, to fruition each day.

True Testimonies

No gimmicks.Nothing artificial.No compromise.