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Okay Got It

Maddie Sturt

Maddie Sturt


2 x Crossfit Games® Athlete
Dog Lover

How often do you train?
Every day!

What is your Favourite Supplement?
WPI90 Rich Chocolate

What Supplements are you currently using?
WPI90, BCAAs, Creatine, Glutamine, ZMA and Greens powder.

What are your fitness goals?
To continue my CrossFit® journey.

How do you use your supplements?
After training in a shake or smoothie.

What supplements do you use for your fitness goals?
I use my specific True Protein supplements to help my recovery post training.

How long did it take to see results from using the supplements?
I noticed within a week or two after adding in Creatine, Glutamine and BCAAs to my post workout shake a change in my performance and recovery.