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Maddie Sturt

Maddie Sturt


4 x Crossfit Games® Athlete. Dog lover.

How often do you train?

5-6 days a week

What is your Favourite Supplement?

Currently it's HASTA approved pineapple BCAAs, especially during my training sessions!

What True supplements are you currently using?

True Vegan 85, All-In-One, BCAAs, Creatine, Glutamine.

What are your fitness goals?

To continually work towards bettering my health, strength and fitness.

How do you use your supplements?

After training in a shake or smoothie.

What supplements do you use for your fitness goals?

I use my specific True Protein supplements to help my recovery post training.

How long did it take to see results from using the supplements?

I noticed within a week or two after adding in Creatine, Glutamine and BCAAs to my post workout shake a change in my performance and recovery.

Using BCAAs during my sessions helps me before back-to-back with multiple training pieces.