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Vegan Supplements

Vegan Supplements

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Supplements & Protein

Whether you’re vegan for dietary or moral reasons, it’s still important to provide your muscles with the nutrients they need to grow. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in muscle growth and should be a focal point of anybody looking to gain lean muscle. From vegan protein to greens powder, there’s a vegan supplement for everyone.

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Why Supplement?

Supplementation can take your nutrition to the next level, enhancing recovery and supporting all-round wellbeing. Prior to supplementing it’s vital to ensure the majority of your diet comes from whole foods, as supplements are to do exactly that: supplement a well-rounded diet. The most common use of supplementation is for post-workout recovery and muscle building, but with the majority of protein powders being made from animal products, what should vegans drink immediately after a workout? It’s simple – plant-based protein.

When a nutrient-dense vegan meal is not always accessible, post-workout shakes are taken for their high protein content and excellent amino acid profile. These qualities are also offered by vegan alternatives such as pea, pumpkin and brown rice protein. Taking a vegan based protein powder within 15-30 minutes post workout kick-starts the recovery process and can help alleviate delayed onset muscle syndrome (DOMS). Vegan proteins are also a convenient way to boost your daily protein take, whether you have them on their own or in a smoothie.

Supplementation isn’t just limited to protein. One of the key factors in muscle growth and recovery is getting enough quality sleep. Low quality sleep and not getting enough sleep can stunt muscle growth and severely damage your performance potential. Vegan-friendly products such as True ZMA are perfect to support quality sleep and to help your muscles relax. By ensuring you have a high quality, deep sleep, you’ll improve your long-term results significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does True source its vegan supplements?

  • VEGAN85 - an innovative tri-blend of Belgium sourced pea protein, Netherlands sourced pumpkin protein and organic US brown rice protein.
  • PRE - Scientifically backed formula with an amino acid blend sourced from a superior Japanese supplier.
  • Glutamine - sourced from a leading Japanese manufacturer.
  • Greens – all main grass powders in GREENS are organic and locally sourced from Australia. 
  • ZMA - The premium vitamins and minerals in ZMA are sourced from local and Japanese manufacturers.
  • Creatine Mono – is sourced from industry-leading German manufacturer Creapure.

Do vegan supplements taste different?

Due to their non-dairy components, vegan protein supplements tend to have a slightly different taste and texture than whey protein. Its texture is generally less creamy and smooth, however True uses a premium tri-blend to ensure a superior vegan blend for a delicious taste and consistency.

Will I get the same results from vegan supplements?

Yes, using True vegan supplements in accordance with the recommended use and serving suggestions and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle should provide you with the same results as you would receive using non-vegan supplements. Care has been taken to ensure True’s Vegan 85 offers a full-spectrum amino acid profile that is comparable to that of whey protein.

How should I take vegan supplements?

The suggested use for vegan supplements depends on the product and your personal preferences. Check the corresponding product page to find out the suggested use for your product.

For the more True Protein Vegan products, see the recommended products below.

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Recommended Products

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When To Use

Everyone’s body is different; therefore we can’t guarantee results without healthy eating and regular exercise. We can, however, give you some tips as to how and when to take our supplements.

Supplement Goal When to Consume Mix
True Organic Greens Powder Boost general health & support immune system. Once Daily – anytime throughout the day. With water, juice or mix into a smoothie.
True BCAA 4:1:1, True Glutamine Support muscle recovery. In Pre or Post-workout shake or in morning smoothie. Water, juice or in your protein shake.
True Pre Enhance workout focus and intensity. 30 minutes prior to training. With water.
True ZMA Improve sleep and muscle recovery. 30 minutes before bed. With water.