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Reviewed by our Nutrition Team
Can I buy sample packs of different flavours?

Yes! Our sample packs come in all the same flavours as our larger products. You can purchase a single sample or you can purchase our Sample Boxes which come with one sample sachet of each flavour so you can try the entire range.

What products are available in the protein samples?

We have a range of products available in our samples sachets including whey protein powder such as WPI90, WPC80 and PRODEFINE, plant protein samples of our Vegan85, and samples of amino acids in PRE.

How many servings is in a sample pack?

There is one 30g serving in each sample sachet. A protein powder sample pack contains 10 servings, and PRE contains 12 servings.

Can I only buy single-serve protein samples or can I purchase them in bulk?

Yes, our protein samples are available in a single serve sachet, or, you can purchase one of our Sample Boxes which come with 10 or 12 samples in one! Once you have tried them and found a flavour you like, you may like to purchase a 1kg bag.