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Vegan Amino Acids

Vegan Amino Acids


Reviewed by our Nutrition Team
Where does True source vegan amino acids?

True’s vegan amino acid supplements are sourced from a leading Japanese manufacturer and utilise non-animal-based extraction processes to deliver the highest industry standard of purity and taste.

Do vegan aminos taste different?

No, vegan aminos do not taste different. Our vegan amino acids come in 4 delicious flavours, Blood Orange, Lemonade, Natural and Pineapple.

Will I get the same results from vegan amino acids?

Yes, you will! Vegan Amino acids are the exact same compound, just extracted from a different source. Learn more about the difference between animal vs vegan amino acids here.

How are vegan aminos different from normal amino acid supplements?

True BCAA 4:1:1 contains BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and Glutamine are sourced from Japan, which are produced from vegetable-based fermentation as opposed to inferior animal-based extraction techniques that are common in China. This makes them suitable for a plant-based diet