Alethea Boon

Alethea Boon

Alethea Boon is a former New Zealand International and NCAA collegiate gymnast, who currently competes and coaches in Crossfit® and Weightlifting. “I am not afraid of a challenge and am no stranger to hard work having competed in 3 different codes at the highest level. I have a pure passion for fitness, strength and personal challenge for empowerment and use that as my driving force to achieve my own goals as well as help and inspire others to fiercely chase down theirs on and off the playing field.” 

How often do you train? 
I train 5 days per week for about 2-3 hours, 1 active recovery day and one day of complete rest. 

Do you have a favourite training song or quote that you train by? 
"Show up, be present, best efforts ALWAYS!" and blasting Six60 tunes on repeat are my training jams!! 

How do you take your supplements and how often? 
I use Creatine, Collagen, WPI protein, Fuel Endurance and really hammer the immunity range on the daily, not just for performance but for body maintenance. Gotta keep the engine running as efficient as possible. 

What are your favourite supplements? 
All the Collagen protein flavours are a top pick for me. But most importantly the HASTA Certified products from True is my go to range. Knowing that the supplements I take are clean is especially important for a competitive athlete. 

What are your fitness goals? 
Current fitness goals is to keep being competitive in the open division even as a Masters Athlete in CrossFit at the highest level. Endeavour to become a leading CrossFit Coach also in the process also ... There goes that challenge again … Here we go!