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If you are like most people, you probably associate protein supplements with the overly muscular physique portrayed by body builders. The really good news, though, is that if you drink a protein shake a day you are not going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! Women are now educated on the effects of protein more than ever.

As a result, women are realising how beneficial whey protein consumption is to reach their fitness goals. In the past five years alone the female consumer base for protein supplements has grown from five percent to a whopping 50%! This is because whey protein powders are proven to help with weight loss, lean muscle building and toning, and that’s just the beginning.

Indeed, physical results are highly important however, what’s of equal importance is your inner health. Grass fed whey isolate protein has several special ingredients and properties to make you stronger, healthier and smarter. Yes, smarter. Grass Fed Whey Protein contains a unique spectrum of vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, along with a rich chain of amino acids. These all help to:

  • Increase your energy input
  • Repair and rebuild tissue
  • Strengthen your bones, hair, and nails.
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • Reduce bloating 
  • Maintain bone health

In the gym, grass fed whey protein isolate not only reduces muscle soreness post workout but helps enhance your performance through improved physical function. This goes a long way towards achieving your results whether it be muscle growth, weight loss or toning.
In short, by introducing grass fed whey protein isolate into your daily diet, you will soon be feeling and looking  the best you can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is protein powder safe for women?

Yes, protein powder is safe for women. As with anyone, protein supplements are not a food replacement and should be enjoyed alongside a well-balanced whole food diet. Always follow the directions for use on the package.

Are protein supplements different for men and women?

Protein supplements are not different for men and women, however, protein needs will differ depending on a variety of factors including gender. Therefore, it is important to know your body’s protein requirements. Check out our article on how much protein you need per day to find out more.

What can women use protein powder for?

Gone are the days where it was believed protein supplements make you bulky and are only used by body builders. Protein powders can provide a range of benefits for women, including weight management, lean muscle building and toning, as well as aiding to fill dietary gaps. They also contain a spectrum of vitamins and minerals that help to increase energy input, repair and rebuild tissue, strengthen bones, hair, nails & the immune system, maintain muscle mass, reduce bloating and maintain bone health. For more nutrition tips for women, read our article.

Can protein powder for women be used for weight loss?

Protein is ideal to assist women for weight loss as it takes the most energy for your body to burn (your body uses 25-35% of its energy to effectively digest protein). Increasing your intake of good quality protein is a smart choice for managing your caloric intake, as you won’t feel as hungry or crave excess food while on a balanced, high protein diet. For more nutrition tips for women, check out our guide to using protein for weight loss. If protein shakes aren't your thing, True offers a variety of high protein snacks that are delicious and can assist with weight-related goals.

What’s the average protein consumption for women per day?

Your exact protein consumption will differ depending on weight, height, age, activity levels and fitness goals. The Dietary Reference Intake Report (RDI) suggests we should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day, or between 10% and 35% of your total calorie intake per day. This means that the average sedentary woman should be eating around 46grams per day. This recommendation is the minimal requirement to maintain basic nutritional requirements, although most of us need more than that. To find out how much protein you need per day, read our blog.

How Your Body Uses Protein

Protein makes your body work harder. Your body uses 25-35% of energy to effectively digest protein. This minimises your caloric intake and will ensure your body is drawing its energy by burning excess fat. As a result, you won’t feel as hungry and crave excess food while on a balanced protein diet.

Why Whey Protein Will Minimise Your Calorie Intake

Now you can consume protein with the minimal calorie intake by getting your protein from True Whey Protein Isolate - extremely low in fats and carbs which means that you are consuming pure protein. As such, whey protein isolate is recommended as the best weight loss protein shake solution.

How to Take Protein for Weight Loss

To maximise your weight loss it is important that you drink your protein shakes 30-60 minutes before your main meals. This will help shrink your appetite and thus reduce the calories consumed in your main meal. A protein shake can also be used as a light meal replacement or snack replacement to assist in weight loss. If you are going to replace a meal with a protein shake it would be advised that you mix the powder with light milk, almond milk or coco quench to make it more filling. We do recommend our True Prodefine as a meal replacement as it is more substantial and will keep you full.

Please Don’t Stop Eating

If you are skipping meals and working out you will do more damage to your body than good. Indeed, protein shakes are a great addition for healthy eating although it is important to get protein from other sources as well. Slow and steady progress wins the race girls, so stay fit, healthy and keep eating well.


Ultimate weight loss protein


True PRO Define is our ultimate weight loss protein blend for women. This formula is specially blended to accelerate metabolism and burn fat. True PRO Define has the most advanced ingredients in weight loss supplementation including Carnitine (Carnipure®), Green Tea extract, and Coconut water powder.

  • Premium weight loss blend
  • Proven and powerful ingredients
  • High in protein low in carbs

Suggested Use

Mix 1 Large TP Scoop (30g) with 200-300ml of liquid of your choice. Use 1-3 times daily or as required.

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Support weight loss and recovery


True Ultra Pure Swiss Carnitine is a fat metaboliser than can be easily added to your water bottle daily to assist you reach your ideal weight goals. Carnitine is known for transporting fat cells to produce energy. Not only will this give you a boost throughout the day but it will assist you in reducing your body fat.

  • Assists in metabolising fat
  • Supports recovery
  • Premium quality

Suggested Use

Mix 2 heaped extra small True scoops (1g) to your preferred amount of water or fruit juice and consume immediately. Consume 2-3 times daily

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Gaining Muscle Weight is Good

The most challenging fact for women to accept about toning and building lean muscle is that muscle weighs more than fat. As a result, you may end up weighing slightly more because you’ve replaced your fat with muscle. This means that even though you weigh slightly more, your body has toned and tightened and will look firmer and thinner!

How Protein Will Help You Tone

In order for your muscles to grow they need protein to replenish the muscle tissue for it to enable growth and repair itself post workout. By repairing your muscles you will be able to push yourself further and exercise more, resulting in more toned muscle.

How to Use Protein to Tone

Protein shakes are best consumed 15-30 minutes following a workout to maximize results and recovery. This will maximize your muscles repair which will reduce soreness the next day. Post workout protein shakes also help your muscles growth which is what toning and lean muscle building are about.

To help boost your energy and performance while in the gym, check out our True Pre for pre workout and overall better results.

How a Lack of Protein Can Be Dangerous

A lack of protein when using your muscles regularly can hinder your growth goals and even result in muscle loss. Muscle loss is extremely dangerous. So please remember to have a balanced diet of carbs, fat, and protein. Not eating enough and over exercising will not give you the healthy results you are looking for.

When to Take Protein

Protein shakes combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet is ideally what you are looking to achieve. When achieving weight loss, taking protein shakes 30-60 minutes prior to your main meal will give you the best results. This way you minimize your calorie intake during dinner and thus decrease your hunger prior to the meal. And best to mix your protein with water, not milk.

For toning, it is best to take your protein shake 15-30 minutes post-workout to help your muscles repair and grow. This allows you to work out more often and achieve your fitness goals sooner.

When Not to Take Protein

If you are not lifting weights and taking part in a heavily based cardio exercise program you don’t necessarily need to be drinking protein shakes every day. The protein shakes will still give you benefits in quick muscle recovery but perhaps take the protein shake as a small meal replacement instead.

How Much Protein

Your body can only digest and absorb 20 grams of protein at a time. As such, there is no need to add additional scoops of protein in your shake because it will pass straight through and out of your body. So don’t waste your protein! However active your day is, adjust your protein intake accordingly.

Recommended Products for Toning


WPI boasts 90% protein content for first-class results


True Ultra Pure Swiss Carnitine is a fat metaboliser than can be easily added to your water bottle daily to assist you reach your ideal weight goals. Carnitine is known for transporting fat cells to produce energy. Not only will this give you a boost throughout the day but it will assist you in reducing your body fat.

  • Assists in metabolising fat
  • Supports recovery
  • Premium quality

Suggested Use

Add 1 Large TP Scoop or 4 metric Tbsp's (30g) to 150ml-200ml of liquid of your choice. Shake and consume. Consume 1-3 servings daily or as required.

True Protein recommends as a guideline 1.5g to 2g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. This recommendation is based on the assumption that your goals are to build lean muscle and enhance recovery. This translates to an 80kg person taking roughly 120g to 160g of protein per day. We recommend that you fulfil this quota through a combination of wholefoods and protein supplementation.

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Healthy Eating

Today, more than ever, we have so much information about diets, fads, and the latest health craze. Regardless, the most important thing is to have a well-balanced diet. Otherwise known as healthy eating.

Healthy eating, unlike a diet, has no expiry date and it a long term commitment to change the way we feed our body. It’s best to avoid fad diets because everyone is different and some of these trends do not cater to all nor promote a balanced healthy diet.

We at True Protein recommend Clean Eating. Clean Eating is about eating foods that are nutritious and nourishing for your body. Clean eating is being aware of what you are putting into your body. Clean eating at its simplest form is eating "real" foods- those that are minimally processed, refined and handled, making them as closest to their natural state as possible.

Foods to Phase Out

The best thing to do for our bodies is over a period of time try to minimize our refined sugar intake. If you can eliminate refined sugar, you will see the quickest results in your body shape, weight and health.

Minimize your processed food intake. Processed food would be bacon, granola bars, instant ramen, microwave popcorn, ketchup, most bottles sauces, and frozen dinners or ready-made meals. For best results during clean eating keep a goal of your daily calorie intake.

But it doesn’t have to be all natural. A good rule of thumb is 80% clean eating and 20% cheat meals. A cheat meal is a burger once in a while to stay sane! We are only human, so having cheat meals is a necessity and the best way to keep you eating healthy for at least 80% of your meals.

Understanding Carbs & How Your Body Uses Them

Carbs fuel your body, so don't eliminate them just yet! Carbs are the very first source of energy that your body will use. So the best time for you to eat carbs like white bread, for example, is in the morning or before you work out. Your body will burn carbs like fuel. If you eat carbs and sit at your desk for hours they will just be stored and turn into fat. So remember, sitting is the new smoking!

What are Carbs & Which One Are Good?

Bad carbs are high in sugar and high in fat. Bad carbs are chips, chocolate, biscuits, white bread, white potatoes, lollies, fast food, burgers, and most cereals. Average carbs are high in carbs, lower in fat, moderate in sugar. Multi-grain bread, rice, pasta, sweet potatoes, and 75% dark chocolate. Best carbs are low carb, low fat, low sugar, and high in vitamins. Stone fruits, all green vegetables, strawberries, berries, cauliflower, and leafy greens.

Why Protein is Important & Where to find it

So we know protein is essential for developing and repairing your muscles. But protein can also lower the G.I. in the food you are eating. As such, it is recommended that you have one source of protein with each meal.

The best thing about Protein is it keeps you fuller for longer. The best food sources to find protein are chicken, turkey, beef, fish, yogurt (Greek yogurt specifically), cottage cheese, egg whites, and supplements like protein powder. Whey Protein is one of the purest ways to consume protein and has the lowest carb intake.

What are Good Fats?

Good fats can be found in Omega 3 which is in walnuts, flaxseed, tuna, salmon, mackerel, oyster, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans, and citrus fruits. Good fats are found in Omega 6 which is most nuts, avocado, canola oil, and most other oils.

Saturated fats are good fat and are not to be feared. Saturated fats are found in meats, egg yolk, cream, milk, cheese, vegetables, and butter.

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