• Finely ground powdered peanut butter
  • Contains 85% less fat and calories
  • Gluten free, non-GMO

Size: 250g

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50 serves
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Description +

Organic Peanut Butter Powder

PEANUT BUTTER POWDER (PBP) provides a powdered version of organic peanut butter and contains 85% less fat then traditional peanut butter sources. This organic grade of peanut butter powder is free from any chemicals or pesticides and provides an excellent source of protein, carbs and healthy fats.


100% Organic

PEANUT BUTTER POWDER is 100% organically grown and free from the negative impacts of chemicals and pesticides.


Rich Macronutrient Profile

PEANUT BUTTER POWDER has a strongly differing profile to regular peanut butters. It's macro nutrient values are 49% protein content, 33% carbohydrate and 12% fats.


Reduced Calories

PEANUT BUTTER POWDER contains roughly 85% less calories then standard peanut butter, as the abundant fats and oils are removed.


Flavour Boost

PEANUT BUTTER POWDER tastes exactly like the real deal! Add our peanut butter powder to anything to give it an authentic peanut butter flavour boost.


Diverse Usage

PEANUT BUTTER POWDER can be used for a wide variety of cooking purposes as well as added to smoothies and protein shakes.


US Sourced

PEANUT BUTTER POWDER is sourced direct from an organic US farm with major experience in growing peanuts, ensuring the finest purity and taste in the market

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How is peanut butter powder made?

Peanut butter powder is made by pressing out the natural oils from dry roasted organic peanuts then grinding up what’s left into a fine powder. This resulting powder is high in protein and fibre and is around 85% fat-free, much less than regular peanut butter but with the same great flavour.

How should I use True Peanut Butter Powder?

- Protein shakes – add a scoop to your favourite whey or vegan protein shake for an extra nutty hit
- Breakfast bowls – sprinkle peanut butter powder over your smoothie bowl for a healthy way to elevate the flavour
- Baking – all of the flavour without the high-fat content! Plus, because it’s in powder form, it mixes easily
- Pancakes – stir into a batter for a stack of protein-packed pancakes
- Smoothies – pop a scoop in with your smoothie mix for a nutritious boost
- Porridge – stir through after cooking
- Peanut sauce for satay chicken – this powder works brilliantly when mixed with water, almond milk and honey to give you a flavour-packed nutty sauce without the fat content of traditional peanut butter
- Protein balls – add some peanut powder to the mix or roll the finished protein ball in it to coat the outside
- Popcorn – sprinkle on to air-popped popcorn for a tasty high-fibre snack that’s low in calories
- Yoghurt – swirl a scoop or two in for a mouth-watering roasted peanut flavour sensation

Can I cook with True Peanut Butter Powder?

Yes, it makes a great substitute in baking and blends smoothly in sauces and soups. Find a range of recipes in our True Hub here

Can you use True Peanut Butter Powder as a substitute for real peanut butter?

Although you can reconstitute the powder with water to create a thicker, more spreadable texture, it will not be smooth and creamy like real peanut butter as it doesn’t have the same fat content, so it will be tricky to use in the same way, i.e. spread on toast. However, you can add water in a 2:1 ratio to make a tasty peanut paste perfect for using in marinades for meat and veg as well as for satay sauce.

Why would I use peanut butter powder instead of real peanut butter?

- Low-calorie alternative
- Can aid weight loss as it contains up to 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter
- No added sugar
- Unsalted, unsweetened
- Organic – sourced from an organic farm in the US that specialises in growing peanuts completely free from chemicals and pesticides
- Convenience
- Versatile
- Has all the delicious peanut flavour without the oil/fats and calories of regular peanut butter
- Can be used in cooking with ease
- Great for people who love nutty flavours but are looking for ways to reduce caloric intake
- If you’re a peanut butter fiend!

How is True Peanut Butter Powder better than other peanut butter powder brands?

- No artificial aftertaste
- Smooth consistency for blending
- It’s 100% organic
- High in potassium, magnesium and dietary fibre
- No added sugar
- Many other brands, such as PB2, are sweetened. True is not – no additives, ever
- Tastes as good as regular peanut butter but without the high-fat content

Do you have any recipes that use True Peanut Butter Powder?

There are numerous ways for peanut butter addicts to get their fix with one of our scrummy recipes. From smoothies to mug cakes, porridge to biscuits and energy balls, you’ll find plenty of easy-to-make recipes to satisfy those peanut butter cravings!

Beet & Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie

Zucchini & Peanut Butter Porridge

Choc Peanut Butter & Jam Mug Cakes

Peanut Butter Oat Bars

Peanut Butter Milk

Keto Peanut Butter Biscuits

Low Fat Choc Peanut Butter Energy Balls

How To Use +

Suggested Use

Add just under 1 Medium Scoop (1 level Medium scoop = 13g) to your protein shake, smoothie or drink.

Nutritionals & Ingredients +



Ingredients Powdered peanut butter (100%) (USA) (Certified Organic)
Allergens  This product contains nuts, not suitable for people with nut allergies.

Nutritional Information

Energy  184Kj 1840Kj
Protein  4.88g 48.8g
Total Fat  1.24g 12.4g
-Saturated 0.0g 0.0g
Carbohydrates  3.32g 33.2g
-Sugars 0.28g 2.80g
Fibre  0.00g 0.00g
Sodium 1mg 20mg

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