Chloe Logarzo

Chloe Logarzo


Chloe Logarzo is a Westfield Matilda and Sydney FC midfielder. Fun fact about Chloe is that she has her advanced scuba diving license and has dove in 4 countries (Thailand, Greece, Malta and Italy). What place is on the list next?

How often do you train?
6 Days a week, 7 sessions + 1 competition match.
4 team session
1 Match
1 Gym
1 Individual Ball session
1 recovery session

Do you have a favourite training song or quote you train by?
Trust the process. I literally have it tattooed on me

How do you take your supplements?
WPI90 shake after all my sessions as well as my Greens

What is your favourite True Protein supplement and why?

I love the True Pancakes because 1, I love pancakes and 2, when I want something more than a protein shake, Pancakes are a great snack between sessions. They are so extremely filling!