Jen Hughes

Jen Hughes


Jen is an extremely passionate cross fitter who has used her journey in CrossFit® to identify what it is she wants out of her future. Finding CrossFit® late 2014 she knew this was something she wanted to pursue as not just a hobby but also a career. Growing up, sport always played a large role in her life. From netball through to swimming and even contemporary dance, she made sure she tried a bit of everything. But it wasn’t until her early 20s that she found her love for weightlifting and then CrossFit® as a sport.

Moving forward to 2017 she has overcome setbacks in previous years to sit just outside the top 100 in her third CrossFit Open® earlier this year and continues working hard to make that top 30 spot in 2018 become a reality. Her days consist of training up to 2x a day with her schedule now being filled with coaching hours allowing herself to play a role in assisting those who hold the same passions as herself.

"I wouldn’t see myself as a professional athlete, I’m your typical down to earth Aussie girl who loves a laugh and hates to lose (haha). I think that’s why I connect with people, as I continue to simply be myself, within training and even outside the gym, and if people like that well then that’s cool! My biggest passion is working with females and allowing them to see their own potential within the gym, to not be afraid of being strong but to embrace the person they are and see the beauty in strength."


How often do you train?
I train twice a day 6 days a week, usually splitting up my sessions into weightlifting and skill then conditioning and accessory in the afternoon.

How do you take your supplements?
I take my greens first thing in the morning! Best greens I have ever had. Protein oats is a definite must for breakfast (especially the peanut butter choc flavour!) and I use the True post after my intense workouts.

What’s your favourite True supplement?
By far the cluster dextrin. Best supply of energy on those days where you really just want to be anywhere but in the gym. Or of course, the WPI which I have throughout most of my days within smoothies or simply on its own as a snack! I’m a chocolate lover so chocolate flavour for the win!


Snatch - 75kg
Clean and Jerk - 92.5kg
Split Jerk - 100kg
Backsquat - 120kg
Grace - 1:45
Isabel - 1:55
Fran - 3:30


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