Raw Protein Cookies

True Protein Blog Avatar Fallback reviewed by our Nutrition Team 16 August 2021

Is cookie dough your guilty pleasure? These macro-friendly alternatives are sure to hit the spot, all pleasure and no guilt!

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Raw Protein Cookies

Makes 8


169 Calories per serve

Protein 18g

Carbohydrates 18g

Fats 4.5g




200g oat flour (blended rolled oats)

1 scoop (30g) True WPI 90 Raw Coconut

2 scoops (60g) True WPI 90 French Vanilla

10g molasses

1/3 cup almond milk (84ml)

¼ cup maple syrup (63ml)

2 squares dark chocolate

15g desiccated coconut



  1. Mix the flour and protein powder in a large bowl.

  2. In a separate bowl mix together the almond milk, molasses and maple syrup.

  3. Pour the liquid into the dry ingredients and mix until combined.

  4. Chop the dark chocolate and fold into mixture.

  5. Line a tray with baking paper.

  6. Using your hands roll the dough into evenly sized balls, coat in desiccated coconut and place on tray.

  7. Using your fingers press the ball flat to create cookie shape.

  8. Place cookies in the freezer to set and remove for 10 mins before serving.

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