Biscoff Protein Oats

These oats are jam packed with protein, making them the perfect way to start your morning. Plus Biscoff! Does it get much better?

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Biscoff Protein Oats

Serves 1

Prep time: 10 minutes

Nutritional Information Per Serve:

Calories: 840

Protein: 55.5g  

Carbohydrate: 88.3g  

Fat: 26g, 5g sat fat 




1 mashed banana 

1/2 cup rolled oats 

1tbsp chia seeds 

180g Greek yoghurt 

1 scoop (30g) True Protein WPI90 in French Vanilla 

Dash milk of choice (Soy milk was used here) 

Biscoff butter:

2tbsp Lotus Biscoff spread  

2tbsp Greek yoghurt 

Dash milk 



  1. Mash banana on a plate until smooth. 

  2. Pour into a bowl and add rolled oats and chia seeds. Mix until combined.  

  3. In a separate small bowl, mix yoghurt and protein powder together until combined with no lumps. Add to oats mixture in the other bowl and mix well.  

  4. Add a dash of milk and mix well.  

  5. On the side, prepare biscoff butter to spread over the top of the oats. Melt the biscoff spread in a small bowl in the microwave (30 secs approx.), then add the yoghurt and milk and stir well. 

  6. Evenly spread on top of oats mixture and let set overnight in the fridge. Optional: melt a teaspoon of biscoff spread and drizzle over oats with a spoon. 

  7. The next morning, add your favourite fruit (Berries or banana works well) and grab a spoon. 


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