• High GI rapid energy release
  • Neutral taste and easy to mix
  • Pre, intra and post workout quick fuel
  • Replensih glycogen post workout
  • Affordable calorie boost

Plastic scoop included. 100% recyclable.
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High GI Carbohydrate

MALTODEXTRIN is classfied as a complex carbohydrate, however rates very highly on the Glycaemic Index (GI), just above Dextrose. MALTODEXTRIN'S high GI rating means it provides a rapid supply of energy immediately after consumption.

Leading Manufacturing Processes

MALTODEXTRIN is manufactured by one of the world’s largest and most reputable suppliers.

High GI

MALTODEXTRIN rates extremely highly on the Glycaemic Index and is one of the fastest digesting carbohydrate sources available on the planet.

100% Pure

MALTODEXTRIN is provided in 100% pure form with nothing added or taken away.

Replenish Glycogen

MALTODEXTRIN has the ability to quickly replenish glycogen levels during and post workout which is beneficial to recovery.

Assists nutrient absorption

MALTODEXTRIN causes an insulin spike which can be harnessed to assist the absorption of other essential amino acids and nutrients post workout.

Excellent Water Solubility

MALTODEXTRIN mixes easily with water and can easily be stacked with other products.


4.80/5 Rating: 4.80 5 reviews
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Easy high GI carbs Rating: 5 out of 5

A 1/2 scoop of this Maltodextrin goes into every post Protein shake I have. Dissolves very well with no clumps. I highly recommend.

Great addition to my workout Rating: 5 out of 5

I recently purchased the Maltodextrin from True only a few weeks ago and it has easily become an integral part of my workout routine. I typically mix one scoop with water before I leave for the gym (it's a little bit of a warm-up exercise as it quickly forms a big glob that takes a fair bit of shaking to get dissolved), however I usually don't start consuming it until toward the end of the workout when I need that little boost to get me through the last of my sets. I consume the bulk of the drink post-workout and it goes down real easy with a subtle sugary taste.

Maltodextrin for home brew hydration drink Rating: 5 out of 5

True protein is one of the few places that supplies maltodextrin. I use it to make a hydration drink for cycling. 4-5 spoons of maltodextrin, a couple of spoons of white sugar and a pinch of salt into a pint size bottle. Add 2/3 warm water, shake to dissolve. Then top up with juice or a squeeze of lemon and more water. Works like a treat and so much more economical than the ready bought drinks.

Maltodextrin Rating: 4 out of 5

Definitely gives me extra energy after a workout which allows me to keep going all day. Great product.

Great product Rating: 5 out of 5

Great product at a great price. Awesome way to add to my food intake

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What are the differences between True Maltodextrin and True Dextrose?

This is an area that confuses many people as on the surface both supplements appear highly similar. In terms of the similarities, both are high GI carbohydrates that rapidly release energy, spike insulin levels and both have virtually identical nutritional profiles. The differences are in fact very subtle. True Dextrose has a sweeter taste than True Maltodextrin which has a neutral to mildly sweet flavour. Dextrose rates slightly higher on the GI Index and subsequently releases energy slightly quicker. Aside from the above points it really comes down to personal preference. Both are very similarly priced and highly affordable options for adding a fast releasing carbohydrate to your supplementation and will ultimately achieve a similar goal.

Suggested Use

Add 1 heaped Large TP Scoop (50g) to your post-workout supplementation on training days or as required to increase daily caloric intake.

True Maltodextrin can be mixed with any liquid of your choice as it has high water solubility. Based on this property it can also be seamlessly stacked into a protein shake with minimal taste or texture.


Suitable for Vegans
Completely Free From Gluten
Lactose Free
Blended and Packed in Australia



Ingredients Maltodextrin (100%)      
Allergens  Produced in a facility that handles nuts and nut products     
Disclaimer  High Carbohydrate Supplement: If used during exercise consume with appropriate fluid intake and in accordance with directions to avoid the possibility of gastrointestinal upset. 

Nutritional Information

Energy  795Kj 1589Kj
Protein  0.0g 0.0g
Total Fat  0.0g 0.0g
Saturated Fat  0.0g 0.0g
Carbohydrates  47.5g 95.0g
Of which Sugars  0.0g 0.0g
Sodium  5mg 10mg

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