Gluten Free Salted Caramel Hot Cross Buns

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These delicious, caramely hot cross buns are the perfect gluten-free alternative for Easter

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Gluten Free Salted Caramel Hot Cross Buns

Makes 10-12

Prep time: 2.5 hours (including proofing time)

Baking time: 20 minutes

6.3g Protein (per serve)
8.8g Fat
53.3g Carbs



2 tsp yeast

1/3 cup coconut sugar

1 1/3 cups warm almond milk

3.5 cups gluten-free flour (or flour of choice)

2 servings True Protein WPI90 in Salted Caramel (if vegan use Vegan85)

1 egg (if vegan sub for flax or chia egg)

1/4 cup coconut oil

2 tsp ground cinnamon

1.5 tsp ground ginger

1.5 tsp mixed spice

3/4 chopped dark chocolate

3/4 cup chopped dates (optional - but highly recommend)


1/3 cup gluten free flour (or flour of choice)

1/3 cup water



  1. In a bowl combine yeast, coconut sugar and almond milk and set aside while preparing other ingredients.

  2. In a large blender, place all remaining ingredients. Add in yeast mixture and blend all ingredients until well combined and looks like a dough.

  3. Once combined, grease a large bowl with coconut oil and pour the mixture into a greased bowl to allow to proof for 1-2 hours. Cover with glad wrap or a cloth so the outside of the mixture doesn't go crunchy/crispy. The mixture should double in size.

  4. Once the mixture has proofed, preheat oven to 180 degrees Celcius. Prepare a baking tray with baking paper

  5. Find a clear bench space and pour about 1/4 cup flour over the bench and spread out. Place 2 heaped tablespoons of mixture onto flour on bench and roll into a ball. Place on a baking tray - repeat this step until mixture is all gone.

  6. Prepare cross mixture - in a small bowl mix together flour and water until a runny consistency forms, making sure there are no lumps. Pipe over hot cross buns in a cross shape.

  7. Bake buns for 20 minutes or until golden

  8. Leave to cool - enjoy!

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