Supplements for Female Weight Loss - Ep3 Greens Powder

True Protein Blog Avatar Fallback reviewed by our Nutrition Team 17 March 2017

Looking for a way to keep your immune system thriving throughout your weight loss journey? Then check out our greens powder!

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Supplements for Female Weight Loss - Ep3 Greens Powder

There’s a lot of varying advice out there and it can become understandably confusing. If you’re looking for the right weight loss supplement, how to use it, or just for some helpful tips, then this female supplement series is perfect for you. Here’s a guide of some of True Protein’s best female weight loss supplements and how to use them! Enjoy. Episode 3 - True Organic Greens Powder.

True Organic Greens Powder

What is it? – True Organic Greens Powder is a healthy blend that harnesses the potent benefits of a range of green ingredients. The blend incorporates a full spectrum of 11 individual ingredients to deliver a superior health blend.

When should you use it? – Training hard and cutting down can take its toll on your body, especially in the colder months. Subsequently, it’s a good idea to keep your body pumped full of healthy nutrients to help prevent sickness or any unnecessary fatigue. Have a scoop of True Organic Greens Powder each morning to help keep your immune system strong and to allow you to stay focused on your weight loss goals.

Tip – To kick-start your weight loss each morning try making up a shot of Greens Powder, Vitamin C and Carnitine. Whilst such a stacked shot won’t taste great, it’ll set your body on the right path instantly. It gives you a bit of an energy boost in the morning and guarantees you get your greens in for the day!


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