True Protein becomes official SDA partnered company

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After going through a strict approval process, True Protein has partnered with the Sports Dietitians of Australia

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True Protein becomes official SDA partnered company

All-natural sports supplements brand True Protein has officially partnered with the Sports Dietitians of Australia (SDA).

SDA CEO, Bev Friend, says: ‘SDA supports third party-tested protein products. The True Protein range has both whey and pea-based options to suit varying dietary needs. The range also has no artificial sweeteners, flavours or fillers.’

After going through a strict approval process guided by the professional body’s evidence-based principles and code of ethics, True was officially accepted as an SDA partnered company and will continue to educate and build awareness surrounding sports nutrition.

True Protein’s in-house Accredited Sports Dietitian and respected member of the SDA, Roslyn Yee, says: ‘The partnership is important because we’re seen as a trusted brand. There’s a lot of misinformation about sports nutrition and supplementation out there, so partnering with Australia’s top professional sports dietetic body gives peace of mind to True Athletes and our customers knowing they’re making the right decision in choosing True.’

Accredited Sports Dietitians are the experts for sound and safe sports nutrition advice and sought to partner with True Protein to help support education and brand awareness for our 100% natural sports supplements that include a range of HASTA-certified protein powders.

SDA members pride themselves on their expertise and credibility in providing accurate nutritional information, based on scientific evidence, to promote healthy eating for enhanced health and performance for all active Australians.

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