Protein for Vegans

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A quick guide to understanding protein alternatives for vegans

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Protein for Vegans

It’s the question meat-eaters never stop asking and the question vegans always get sick of hearing; How do you get your protein? After all there’s no way vegans can be muscular, fit and even bulky, right? Wrong.

Vegan athletes such as Ed Bauer and Torre Washington are redefining the vegan stereotype, proving that veganism doesn’t limit your health and fitness goals.

Whilst there are many vegan protein sources such as Kale, Quinoa, Tofu, Lentils and Beans, vegans can still be faced with the convenience issue of post-workout protein availability. It is well researched that the body recovers better when it receives the nutrients it requires within 15-30 minutes post workout. Under these circumstances, Protein powder can really come in handy. Nevertheless, there are a variety of vegan protein shake alternatives, which I will discuss here.


Plant Based Alternatives

Plant based proteins are the ideal alternative for vegans, strict vegetarians and those with a lactose intolerance, who are looking to increase their protein intake for health or training.

It is important to know that while whey protein contains all of the essential amino acids the body needs, plant based proteins do not. If you are consuming large amounts of plant based proteins, we recommend using them together or in rotation to ensure you consume the full range of amino acids. If you are only having the occasional protein shake and typically rely on other sources of protein then using only one plant based protein would be fine.

There are a number of plant based proteins to choose from, with the most common being brown rice protein, pea protein, soy protein and hemp protein. True Protein has sourced high-quality Australian yellow pea, Australian faba bean and organic pumpkin seed proteins from leading global manufacturers.


In Summary

There's no reason a vegan diet should limit your fitness progress. It’s good to know that whatever your particular needs, there is a protein powder that can assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals While plant based protein powder is a convenient way to supplement a whole food diet, care should be taken to ensure the body receives all of the essential amino acids it needs.


Plant Protein

True Plant Protein is a triple blend of Australian yellow pea, Australian faba bean and organic pumpkin seed proteins. Plus, we’ve added probiotics and digestive enzymes for enhanced absorption. The end result is a complete protein source that’s deliciously smooth, natural, and entirely vegan-friendly. Try it today.


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