Meal Prep by Marek Fitness no. 2

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Marek Fitness brings you another fantastic meal prep plan for women!

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Meal Prep by Marek Fitness no. 2


This prep is for a 30-year-old female omnivore. She has an active day job and works out 3 to 4 times a week. She weighs 63.5 kg and is 163 cm tall. Her fitness goal is to aim for ¼ kg a week of weight loss utilising weight training and HIIT on the stair master.


Whey Protein Isolate

Pre workout

Meal Prep Breakdown:


¾ cup oats
1 cup almond milk
8 berries
0.8 tbsp Almond Butter

Pre and Post Workout:

1 Banana
True Protein WPI 90


Chicken or Lean Turkey (150 g) Salsa Mango Burger
1 ⅓ cup of Wild Rice and Mixed Veggies

Snack #1:

2 Tbsp Hummus
9 Mini Capsicums
½ cup Pistachios with shells


2-3 cups Spinach and Lettuce
115g Grilled Chicken Breasts
¼ cup sliced Peppers
¼ cup Sliced Radishes
¼ cup Cucumbers
¼ cup Cherry Tomatoes
⅓ cup Avocado Greek Yoghurt Dressing

Snack #1:

½ cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese with Cinnamon
⅓ cup Berries

female meal prep


1700 Calories/7113 kJ
162g Carbohydrates
128g Protein
60g Fat


Chicken/Turkey Burger:

Use following recipe to make a burger from ground chicken or lean turkey.
Recipe should make 4 servings of burgers.

turkey meatballs recipe

Grilled Chicken:

Trim and clean meat, season with sea salt and pepper.
Place on a pre-heated grill and cook until internal temperature indicated cooked meat.

Wild Rice/Veggies:

In a rice cooker combine water, wild rice and frozen veggies and cook per rice cooker instructions. The water/ rice/veggies ratio I used was 2 cups/1 cup/1 cup.

Tips & Tricks

1. Prep with the ingredients you like and foods you enjoy.

2. Always prep/buy based on what is on SALE.

Fruits and veggies on sale are usually the ones that are in season which means they are fresh and full of flavour. This also provides variety and savings of course.

3. Get yourself proper containers!

Always look for ones that are closest to the actual size of your meals and with properly sealing lids. It will limit the amount of air surrounding your food, keeping your precious meals fresh longer.

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