Meal Prep by Marek Fitness no. 1

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A simple, quick and easy meal prep plan for women from Marek Fitness!

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Meal Prep by Marek Fitness no. 1


This prep is for a 30-year-old female omnivore, Jessica. She has an active everyday job and works out 3 to 4 times a week. She is 63.5kg and 163cm tall. Her fitness goal is to aim for ¼ kg a week of weight loss utilising weight training and HIIT on the stair master.

Jessica is allowed to treat herself food wise 2 times a week as part of her meal plan.


Whey Protein Isolate
Pre workout

Meal Prep Breakdown:


1 cup Greek non-fat yoghurt
1 tbsp chia seeds
½ cup blueberries
¼ strawberries

Snack #1

18 baby carrots
40g mixed nuts


170g of Baked Habanero Chicken
1 cup roasted carrots
1.5 zucchini, cut into zoodles

meal prep outline

Snack #2/ Pre-workout

2 slices of 12-grain whole wheat bread
1 tbsp of Salted Caramel Protein Peanut Butter

Post workout

WPI 90 protein and ½ cup strawberries


140g baked sweet potatoes
2 Lean Turkey Meatballs (1 serving)
½ cup organic marinara sauce


1759 Calories
177g Carbohydrates
148g Protein
51g Fat



mango salsa turkey meatballs recipe
*Contains 223 calories, 25g protein, 10g carbs, 10g fat

Sweet Potatoes

Cut lengthwise in 2cm thick rectangular prisms, toss in a large bowl with little olive oil and spices.

Bake/Roast at 205˚C for about 25 to 30 minutes.

Baked Habanero Chicken

Trim and clean meat, season with sea salt, pepper and habanero spices

Place in a large baking/roasting non-stick olive oil sprayed-pan and bake at 190˚C for about 25 to 35 minutes (depending on the thickness of your chicken) until the thermometer says it is fully cooked.

Tips & Tricks

1. Prep with the ingredients you like and foods you enjoy.

2. Always prep/buy based on what is on SALE.
Fruits and veggies on sale are usually the ones that are in season which means they are fresh and full of flavour. This also provides variety and savings of course.

3. Get yourself proper containers!
Always look for ones that are closest to the actual size of your meals and with properly sealing lids. It will limit the amount of air surrounding your food, keeping your precious meals fresher for longer.

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