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Enhance recovery

Support your body at the most critical time, immediately after a workout. These supplements are formulated to deliver everything the body needs to build and grow.


Reviewed by our Nutrition Team
What are post workout supplements?

Post-workout supplements are supplements that have been formulated specially to be taken after your workout. They are designed to provide your body with everything it needs to recover after a high intensity workout.

What do post workout supplements do to help?

Post-workout supplementation is used to refuel the body immediately following a workout to improve the recovery process, assist post-workout energy levels and particularly in strength training, to reduce the risk of muscle catabolism. For the best results, post-workout supplements should be consumed within 30 minutes post training. Supplementing in this period will help put your body in an anabolic (muscle building) state and avoid the risk of staying in a catabolic state. Learn more in our article about post-workout nutrition and supplements.

Who should consider using post workout supplements?

There is no one-size-fits-all regime for post-workout supplementation: different training methods and styles require different supplementation. For example, individuals performing low-intensity high volume exercises (such as long-distance running) will generally require higher amounts of high GI carbohydrates immediately post-workout to effectively replenish their glycogen stores. On the other hand, individuals performing high-intensity strength training are likely to require a higher amount of protein in order to effectively assist their muscle repair and recovery. Overall, anyone who has specific fitness goals or needs help meeting macronutrient targets could benefit from post-workout supplements.

Can I always take post workout protein?

Post workout protein contains a complete blend of the core ingredients you need in the post-workout window. It contains carbohydrates, protein and amino acids in optimal doses to support lean muscle growth. It is designed specifically for the post-workout window and is not recommended for use at other times.

What's the difference between post & pre workouts?

Post workout protein is designed to help your body recover following a workout whereas pre workout primes your body for its best performance prior to exercise. Pre workout blends help the body switch on for the workout ahead by increasing energy levels, enhancing endurance and improving strength. Post workout refuels the body to support the recovery process, assist energy levels, post workout and particularly in strength training and to reduce the risk of muscle catabolism.