Biscoff Protein Balls

True Protein Blog Avatar Fallback reviewed by our Nutrition Team 10 October 2023

A delightful blend of sweet and nutty notes, these protein balls make an ideal choice for a quick energy fix or post-workout snack.

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Biscoff Protein Balls

Serves 14

Prep time: 15 minutes

Setting time: 20 minutes

Macros per serve:

Calories 89

Protein 4.7g

Carbohydrates 9.5g

Fat 3.5g



1 cup ground oats

2 scoops True Protein WPI90 in French Vanilla

6 Biscoff biscuits, crushed

2 tbsp Biscoff spread

2 tbsp low-fat cream cheese

2 tbsp almond milk

For the decoration:

1 Biscoff biscuit, crushed

40g white chocolate, melted



1. Place the oats, protein powder, Biscoff biscuits, Biscoff spread and cream cheese into a bowl and mix until a fine crumb forms.

2. Add in the almond milk and stir until the mixture becomes a thick dough-like consistency.

3. Role into 14 equal sized balls and place into the freezer to set for 20 minutes.

4. Next, drizzle with white chocolate and sprinkle with Biscoff crumbs. Place into the fridge to set for one hour and enjoy!

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