What's in an Athlete's Fridge: Q&A with Gen Gregson and Ash Keillah

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Ever wondered what goodies an athlete stores in their fridge? We've teamed up with two of our True athletes, Gen Gregson (Olympic steeplechaser) and Ash Keillah (surfer), to get a sneak peek into what's in their fridges. 

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What's in an Athlete's Fridge: Q&A with Gen Gregson and Ash Keillah

Balanced nutrition is integral to a healthy lifestyle, and the contents of our fridge often influence the food choices we make. This is particularly true for athletes, as good nutrition is a fundamental component of their success. Athletes who prioritize their diets, understand their individual nutritional needs, and make informed food choices are better equipped to perform at their best, maintain overall health, and achieve their long-term performance goals.  

Athletes require a consistent and adequate supply of energy to fuel their training and performance. Carbohydrates are the primary energy source, and their intake ensures endurance and stamina during workouts and competitions. In terms of recovery, protein is vital for repairing and building muscle tissue. Athletes frequently engage in activities that cause muscle damage, and adequate protein intake supports muscle recovery, growth, and maintenance. 

Each athlete is unique, and their nutritional requirements vary based on factors such as the type of sport, training intensity, age, and body composition goals. Tailoring nutrition to individual needs is crucial for optimizing performance. We've teamed up with two of our True athletes, Gen Gregson (Olympic steeplechaser) and Ash Keillah (surfer), to get a sneak peek into what's in their fridges. 



1. What does nutrition mean to you and how important is it for you and your lifestyle as well as for your performance in your sport?   


Gen - It makes up a huge part of my life. As a distance runner, the stress on your body is huge and especially now being a new mum, I rely on nutrition to get me through the day.  


Ash - Honestly nutrition to me is probably my top priority, I notice my performance, moods, sleep, pretty much everything full apart if I’m not consistently putting the best fuels in my body. 



 2. What are some non-negotiable foods/ingredients you always keep in your fridge to support your athletic performance or dietary goals?  


Gen - Protein and carbohydrates are important and something I need in my daily routine. As an athlete, your muscles are constantly being broken down so I will always have eggs, Greek yogurt and milk in my fridge so I can make a protein packed snack at any time. I also ALWAYS have a loaf of multigrain bread in the fridge (to keep fresh) because I rely on carbs quite a lot.  


Ash - I’m a massive meat eater so it’s pretty rare there isn’t a marinated steak ready to go, I’m also partial to a slow cooked meal, my pick of the month has been Osso Bucco because of its high amounts of bone marrow. Eggs & Avo’s are always well stocked up. I find if I keep it simple and clean, I’m able to feel fuelled up during the day. 




3. Are there any foods you avoid having in your fridge?  


Gen - Not really, I try to have a lot of variety in what I eat. I don’t shy away from chocolate because I have it with a glass of milk before bed every night!  


Ash - My wifey Stacey is a foodie so there’s pretty much nothing off limits in my fridge, she’s a dangerous person to live with if your trying to be mega strict. 




4. What are some tips for keeping a fridge full of nutritious ingredients?  


Gen - Aim for variety. Sometimes I get stuck in a routine of certain foods, and I must consciously go to the grocery store and venture out a little. Variety is good when it comes to fruit and veggies, so I think the more colourful produce in the fridge is always a good thing.  


Ash - Farmers markets are key as well as making friends with your local butcher so you get those primo cuts fresh as can be! 




5. Are there any specific protein sources you prioritize in your fridge? How do you prepare them?  


Gen - Eggs has been my go-to as I am currently training for a marathon so I’m constantly tired and low on energy when it comes to refueling. I boil them for a few minutes and eat them slightly runny out of the shell with 2 pieces of toast and butter. The other quick snack which I love on a hot day is flavoured Greek yogurt and granola. It is packed with protein so it will keep you feeling full and energized for longer.  


Ash - For main meals it’s a lot of steaks and slow cooks but pre and post workouts I love True’s WPI90 in the Rich Chocolate flavour. 






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6. How do you manage your carbohydrate intake? Are there any complex carbs or grains you rely on?  


Gen - I always have multigrain bread in my diet for breakfast and lunch. I have pasta or rice quite often with dinner and these are my biggest carb packed meals as I usually train early in the morning and need a high carb, low fiber dinner.  


Ash - I don’t mind a bit of fresh sourdough from our farmers market, if not that I whip up a few different versions of sweet potato like a mash or olive oil chips with some paprika. 




7. Are there any pre- or post-workout snacks or supplements you store in your fridge for convenience?  


Gen - I make up a True Protein WPI90 + Collagen protein shake every day and store it in the fridge to have immediately after training. If I am training off site and have a gym session after I will pack the shake in my cooler bag with 1-2 True Protein Bars. I spend so much time on the move and these items bridge the window from workout to mealtime so I can start recovering immediately.  


Ash - I love to have a batch of protein ball mix made up and ready for a quick snack & dash. 




8. How do you strike a balance between convenience foods and whole, unprocessed ingredients in your fridge?  


Gen - I use my True products as the convenience food to help when I am rushed, tired and unmotivated. This stops me from needing to have packaged processed foods in the fridge to resort to. Once I have thrown down my WPI90 protein shake or Protein Bars, it allows me to rest and have the energy to make a meal with fresh ingredients.  


Ash - Meal prepping usually means my fridge is good to go with healthy unprocessed foods. 




9. How do you approach managing portion sizes and tracking macros when storing food in the fridge?  


Gen - With what I do for a living, I must make sure that I don’t skimp on any of the macronutrients. I see a dietician to make sure that I balance the right amount of each and target the right ones at specific times.  


Ash - Honestly I don’t with this one, my output between surfing, training, weights, running, & Jiu Jitsu means I’m usually hunting for more calories not less. 




10. Are there any innovative or unusual ingredients or products in your fridge that you enjoy experimenting with in your cooking?  


Gen - The one thing I have in our fridge at all times is spicy sauce! I am a huge lover of hot meals, so I tend to add a lot of spice to many of my meals.  


Ash - Raw milk is one that might be considered unusual but I use it with everything, in my protein shakes & protein pancakes most of the time. Macadamia butter is another quick one I use if I’m mega hungry but am about to do an activity and don’t want to feel too full. 




11. Do you organize your fridge to make healthy choices more accessible?  


Gen - Not necessarily, I am a very organised person so naturally I have everything in its rightful place and certain food groups sectioned together, however I do have a drawer for my chocolate at night.  


Ash - I’m pretty cruisey with this one as it’s pretty rare there’s something properly unhealthy in our fridge. 




12. Do you have any tips for meal prep and storing leftovers to minimize food waste?  


Gen – Yes, my husband and I are both distance athletes with a young baby so time management isn’t our best trait. Due to this we have a lot of home baked meals cooked, portioned out, then frozen in our freezer. This means most nights it is as simple as pulling out a meal, throwing some form of a green together (green veggies are always paired with our meals) and a bag of rice. We never waste a thing! 


Ash - Always in glass containers to avoid any of that nasty plastics leaking into my food. 





13. Can you share a favourite recipe or meal idea that incorporates ingredients from your fridge and aligns with your dietary philosophy?  


Gen - My favourite QUICK meal in my weekly routine is baked salmon. It takes me 8 minutes. Salmon fillets on baking paper on 150 degrees fan forced for 8 minutes. While that is cooking, basmati rice bag in the microwave, Bok choy in the steamer, and everything is done before the salmon is cooked. Garnish with fresh lemon, a bit of soy, plenty of salt and pepper, and if you’re a spicey fan like me, a bit of hot sauce!  


Ash - True’s Protein Pancakes are definitely one of my faves, I cook them in coconut oil & grass fed butter. I grab a handful of organic wild berries and heat them up with a bit of coconut oil to make a berry compote, then a big scoop of Macca butter. This ticks all the boxes for a post training meal for me (Protein, Good Fats, & Carbs) and tastes SO GOOD.  




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