True All-In-One: A meal replacement that stands out from the crowd

Learn more about why True's new All-In-One Meal Replacement is a cut above the crowd and it can support you with both healthy convenience and weight related goals.

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True All-In-One: A meal replacement that stands out from the crowd

Meal replacement products have been around for decades to help people achieve their weight loss goals by cutting back calories. However, these shakes commonly compromise on taste, as well as nutritional value.  

With growing research on the importance of nutrition for our physical and mental wellbeing, there is an increasing demand for a nutritionally balanced meal replacement that not only assists with weight loss and management but also offers a healthy, delicious and convenient lifestyle solution. 



Formulated Meal Replacement

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A Healthy & Convenient Option


In today’s world, we are all time-poor and juggling what seems like a never-ending to-do list! However, also increasing is our desire to eat a healthy balanced diet. The challenge is that achieving both does not always feel possible and it is easier than ever to opt for unhealthy choices that can be delivered straight to our door. 


Whilst we all love the ease of our favourite Deliveroo or Uber Eats every now and then, most agree that eating well not only makes us feel good in our body but also in our minds. When we eat nutritious food, we feel empowered, in-control and usually more energised and productive. 


Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way! We have all been there - powering through to meet a deadline or rushing to pick up the kids before driving them to their different activities. That’s when we give in to convenience. We then tend to beat ourselves up, as convenience often comes at compromise of wholesome - which is not something that makes us feel good, inside or out! 


Meal replacement products have been around for decades, offering a convenient meal option or assisting people to achieve their weight loss goals by cutting back calories. However, these shakes commonly compromise on taste, as well as nutritional value as they tend to be extremely high in sugar and artificial ingredients. 


This is why we have created a meal replacement that is designed to not only taste great but offers premium ingredients to support your health: whether you just don’t have time to make or buy a nutritious meal, or you want a meal replacement to help achieve your weight loss goals. 


Introducing True All-In-One Meal Replacement

True All-In-One Meal Replacement is a premium lifestyle product that meets your daily macronutrient and micronutrient requirements in a delicious, healthy and convenient shake. It is a part of our Wellbeing Range and is considered a formulated meal replacement as defined by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Read on to find out exactly what’s in All-In-One, and why we chose these ingredients. 


The Big Guys - Macronutrients 



Protein keeps us fuller for longer so having a high amount in a meal replacement is important for anyone trying to get through to their next meal, including those trying to lose weight. True sources our whey protein from New Zealand grass-fed cows, as this is widely regarded as the best available on the market and superior to Australian and North American equivalents. These cows feed exclusively on the rich green grass of New Zealand, where their more nutrient-dense soil yields higher vitamin and mineral content and subsequently produces the purest and healthiest raw whey. 


Both Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) are included in All-In-One Meal Replacement. This WPC is manufactured through an ultra-filtration process, the technology of choice for extracting the purest protein while maintaining nutritional quality. The bioavailability of whey protein concentrate means it is quickly digested by the body to provide essential amino acids for fuel or recovery. 


MPC retains a casein-to-whey protein ratio similar to that found in milk. Additionally, the casein in MPC is a slower releasing protein than WPC, which increases satiety and provides a gradual release of amino acids to help maintain muscle mass during energy restriction (for weight loss). Together this blend of WPC & MPC create a smooth and creamy texture perfect for a satisfying meal replacement shake.  


Naturally Derived Carbohydrates

Not all carbs are equal. Different types (simple vs complex) have a different impact on your blood sugar (glucose) levels, and therefore, energy throughout the day. True All-In-One Meal Replacement uses naturally derived complex carbohydrate sources from oats and sweet potato because they not only taste good, but are nutritionally valuable. 


Our Organic Oat Flour is milled from whole grain oats, a complex carbohydrate and great source of fibre to support your digestive and bowel health. Additionally, oats contain B vitamins1 which are vital for our energy production and regulation. 


We teamed this with Sweet Potato Powder because it is a naturally derived soluble fibre and source of complex carbohydrates which support healthy digestion and maintain energy levels for your daily routine and/or workout. Sweet potato is also a great natural source of beta-carotene and Vitamin C2



Fibre is the indigestible parts of plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, beans and legumes. There are different forms of fibre (soluble, insoluble and resistant starch), each with different functions, and we require all of them to receive their health benefits.  


  • Fibre is important for our digestive health and maintaining regular bowel movements. 

  • Fibre helps you feel fuller for longer, which can assist with weight loss. 

  • Fibre has been linked to improving cholesterol, blood sugar levels and preventing diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancer3


True All-In-One Meal Replacement contains Linseed, Sunflower Seed and Almond (LSA) Meal to provide adequate fibre levels and a balanced distribution of healthy unsaturated fats. LSA Meal is a ground up blend rich in nutrients, protein and dietary fibre to support regular bowel movements. We paired this with Sunfiber®, a prebiotic fibre that helps promote a healthy digestive balance without the excess gas or bloating associated with other fibres. 


With most Australians’ not meeting their daily 25-30g fibre requirement, True All-In-One helps you reach this with a healthy 9g per serve. It is important to get regular amounts of fibre throughout the day to avoid any stomach upset caused by having very high amounts in one go! 


The Small Guys



Our Vitamin and Mineral Blend provides your daily vitamin and mineral requirements to support overall health and wellbeing. We may need less micronutrients than our macronutrients but that does not make them any less important. With less than 10% of Australians’ meeting their daily vegetable intake requirement4, All-In-One provides a minimum of 25% of the recommended dietary intakes (RDI) of listed vitamins and minerals to ensure nutritional adequacy when used as a meal replacement. 



Prebiotics are food for the growth of our beneficial gut bacteria. We have used Organic Inulin in our True All-In-One Meal Replacement to provide a prebiotic fibre that is considered a functional food to support healthy digestion. 


A Naturally Sweetened Meal Replacement


True All-In-One uses natural flavours and plant-derived stevia to give a subtle vanilla or chocolate flavour. Our French Vanilla contains real vanilla bean extract, and our Rich Chocolate contains cocoa originating from the Ivory Coast.  


We do not use any artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, that can be found in some snack bars and meal replacement products, most commonly those targeting weight loss. Artificial sweeteners are used because they are cheaper and allow ‘sugar free’ claims. At True, we prioritise quality by using naturally derived options so that we can continue to deliver great tasting products that support your health, without compromising on quality. 


How to Interpret Nutritional Panels


True All-In-One leaves out anything that is not needed or good for your health! However, we love to empower you with the knowledge to make your own decisions when looking at your food choices. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when scoping out the best health products. 


Unfortunately marketing claims can be deceptive, so we advocate for quickly cutting through the falsities and going straight to the facts – the ingredients list. As a general rule, avoid products that contain numbers in the ingredients list. These numbers usually indicate the use of food additives such as artificial colourings (known in the EU as E-numbers), sweeteners, anti-caking agents (humectants) and bulking agents – the list goes on!  


There are far too many to list here but some frequently used artificial sweeteners are Aspartame (951), Acesulphame K (950) and Sucralose (955). It is important to note that manufacturers are only required to put the class of food additive (e.g. Colour) and food additive name (e.g. Caramel) or the food additive number (e.g. 150a), so getting familiar with ingredient labels is very useful if you want to know exactly what you are consuming. 


Want to learn more? Next time you do a shop check out a few ingredient lists (often located on the back or side of the product packaging) to see if you can spot any numbers, then research to find out what they are.... you might be surprised how many you find!  

*The exception to this rule is when the number is listed next to the word ‘vitamin’ e.g. Vitamin B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 12 - vitamins are definitely good for us! 


How does True All-In-One Support Weight Loss?


With over 60% of Australians’ over-weight5, weight loss is a big challenge for many, reflected by the overwhelming amount of weight loss diets and detox plans that can be found on the internet - enough to confuse anyone! However, these are generally short-term fixes, not long-term solutions that support your health. 


To simplify the science of weight management, it’s all about energy balance. Energy is another word for ‘calories.’ Your energy balance is the balance of calories consumed through eating and drinking (energy in), compared to calories burned (calories out) through physical activity and natural metabolic processes such as breathing and digesting food. To lose weight, you must create a negative energy balance, burning more calories than you consume. 


Unfortunately, this can lead people cutting both quantity (number of calories) and quality (nutritional value) from their diet to achieve their weight loss goals. Luckily, science and technology has advanced - no longer does your health have to be compromised in order to meet your goals. Weight loss can be achieved and maintained through a nutritionally balanced dietary intake, making True All-In-One the ideal meal replacement for those wanting to lose weight. 


How to use True All-In-One


Pour your favourite milk, coconut water or just water into a shaker, add two large True scoops, shake and go! You can replace one, two or three meals a day with this convenient shake. 


Does True All-In-One Replace a Wholefood Diet?


All-In-One is not intended as a total diet replacement. A wholefood diet abundant in variety and colour is always recommended first.  


However, we also listen to our customers and with so many asking, ‘can I use your protein as a meal replacement?’, there is a clear demand for a healthy convenient alternative when a nutritious meal just isn’t possible. We created All-In-One to ensure unhealthy food choices are no longer the go-to in these instances and that your health does not become the compromise of a busy lifestyle or in pursuit of your weight goal.  


Key Messages


  • True All-In-One is a nutritionally balanced formulation to assist with weight loss or busy days when you need a quick and healthy solution. 

  • Protein keeps you fuller for longer, supporting healthy weight maintenance. 

  • Protein is necessary for tissue building and repair, with your need increasing with your physical activity level.  

  • True All-In-One contains natural carbohydrates derived from sweet potato and oats offers an excellent source of prebiotic fibre to support healthy digestive function. 

  • This specifically formulated meal replacement delivers your daily vitamin and mineral requirements in a convenient shake. 

  • It’s low in sugar and made from naturally derived ingredients, designed to help you achieve your goals. 


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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: all content provided here is of a general nature only and is not a substitute for individualised professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and reliance should not be placed on it. For personalised medical or nutrition advice, please make an appointment with your doctor, dietitian or qualified health careprofessional.