How to take True PRE and POST

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Guidance on the best way to get maximum results from taking True PRE and True POST workout blends

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How to take True PRE and POST

To get the maximum benefit from your supplements, we’ve designed these 2 formulas to work together synergistically. They contain split doses of a number of amino acids such as BCAA’s and Beta Alanine.

Before Your Workout

The True PRE formula is designed to boost specific training functions such as power, strength, vascularity and focus. As is doesn’t contain a complete amino acid profile, we strongly recommend having a scoop of True Whey Protein either before or after your True PRE serve (it doesn’t matter in which order). We also recommend adding a low GI fruit, such as an apple, for a combination of fast and slow releasing carbs for fuel/energy while you train. If you’re watching your weight, leave out the apple.

Ideal pre-workout combo

  1. True PRE (10g in 150ml of water OR elite serve 20g in 300ml of water)

  2. True Whey Protein (30g in 150ml-250ml of water)

  3. 1 Large Apple

After Your Workout

After you’ve completed your session, True POST provides the ideal all in one solution to kick-start recovery and protein synthesis (muscle building). Containing high-quality New Zealand whey protein isolate powder and pure Dextrose, True POST packs fast releasing carbs and protein. It also features an advanced amino acid blend that is essential to maximising gains in the post workout window when the muscles fibres are most receptive.

Dextrose has the added benefit of causing an insulin spike which signals the body to increase absorption of nutrients being consumed. This is excellent news as True POST contains proven muscle building amino acids such as Leucine, Taurine, Beta Alanine and Creatine.

Ideal post workout combo

  1. True POST (80g in 300ml-400ml of water)

Many of our sponsored athletes who train at extremely high levels have verified the effectiveness of combining our True PRE and True POST formulas.

True PRE and True POST should form part of a well-rounded nutritional plan that provides core macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs) throughout the day. Following a balanced nutritional plan is integral to fitness goals, however, these 2 formulas should provide a significant improvement in performance while training and optimising recovery/gains immediately after training.


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