FUEL: A True Game Changer

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Need advice on fuelling the most gruelling of workouts? We’ve got you covered.

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FUEL: A True Game Changer

Strenuous training sessions can leave you feeling depleted by the end of the week, wondering how you can muster up the energy to get back into it on Monday morning. Whether your training is for an upcoming event or just for the love of the fitness community, inadequately fuelling your body can hinder your performance. Read our in-depth guide covering the functional ingredients of True Fuel to learn how elite athletes, recreational competitors and fitness enthusiasts can ensure they are going into each and every training session with a full tank.   

True Fuel

True Fuel

Ultimate energy-enhancing formulation to fuel your body

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Key Messages

  • Inadequate fuel and hydration can hinder sporting performance through reduced strength, reduced speed, poor concentration, premature fatigue and delayed decision making. 

  • True Fuel is an all-encompassing formulation that is designed to assist fuelling your body and working muscles during strenuous exercise.  

  • Key ingredients of True Fuel include carbohydrates, essential amino acids, pomegranate extract and a premium blend of electrolytes and minerals. 

  • The key ingredients and specific dosages in True Fuel are based on reviewing scientific literature and evidence-based practice to ensure the product works when you need it most.  

  • All nine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) contained in True Fuel assist in protecting your working muscles from catabolism during sustained and strenuous exercise. 

  • Dehydration is a common cause for impaired sporting performance. Adequate fluids combined with electrolytes, particularly sodium, are paramount for speedy rehydration. 

  • When hydration rather than fuel is your main focus, True Electrolyte is the preferred choice. 

  • True Fuel can be incorporated as part of a supplement regime to assist elite and recreational athletes, and exercise enthusiasts participating in high-intensity training, endurance training and continuous strenuous sport and exercise. 

  • True Fuel is ideally consumed around a strenuous training session or event that lasts more than 60 minutes. 

  • In line with the True Protein promise, True Fuel is made is Australia. It contains all-natural flavours and sweetened with organic stevia. It is gluten and lactose free and suitable for vegans. True Fuel comes in two delicious flavours, Tropical and Lemon Lime. 


Superior Carbohydrate for Endurance

It is well known that carbohydrate foods provide energy during exercise. This type of energy is stored and utilised in the body as glycogen. Consistently performing strenuous, endurance or high-intensity exercise without appropriate nutrition can leave your muscles depleted of glycogenGlycogen depletion will have a negative impact on your sporting performance and you may experience fatigue, poor concentration, affected mood, reduced strength, reduced speed and/or reduced immunity (1).  

True Fuel utilises two sources of carbohydrate that are digested, absorbed and oxidised at a faster rate making them more readily available for your body to burn as energy.


Essential Amino Acid Blend 

Amino acids are the singular building blocks of protein. There are nine amino acids which are essential, meaning, our body cannot synthesise them so we must consume them through our diet (3). The nine EAAs are leucine, lysine, threonine, valine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, methionine, histidine and tryptophan. A protein is considered complete if it contains all nine EAAs. 

Scientific research suggests that BCAAs and EAAs are beneficial in sporting performance. During exercise, BCAA supplementation can provide a fuel source and have a protective effect to prevent catabolism of lean muscle mass (4). While consumption of all nine EAAs has been shown to sustain an increased rate of muscle protein synthesis compared to leucine ingestion alone (5). 

True Fuel contains a premium blend of all nine essential amino acids sourced from a leading manufacturer in Japan and including the three BCAAs; leucine, isoleucine and valine. 


Premium Electrolytes and Rapid Hydration

Dehydration is a common cause of impaired sporting performance. There is much variability in an athlete’s individual water and electrolyte needs, particularly when strenuous exercise and heat stress affect the sweat response. 

When we sweat, we lose water as well as electrolytes Sodium, potassium and chloride are key electrolytes for basic life functioning, along with magnesiumcalcium, phosphate and bicarbonates (6)During prolonged exercise, it has been shown that consuming a drink containing carbohydrate and electrolytes can promote better performance than drinking water along (7). 

True Fuel contains a premium blend of minerals and electrolytes, specifically, sodium, calcium phosphate, potassium, magnesium and Himalayan pink salt (sodium chloride). When consumed with water, the blend is designed to assist you in preventing dehydration and ensuring a speedy rehydration post exercise.  


The Power of Pomegranate 

The pomegranate is a seeded fruit with red flesh and of Middle East origin. Pomegranate has been a focus in recent research due to its high concentration of polyphenols and natural nitrates. These active ingredients have been linked to improvements in various health markers as well as sporting performance (8). 

True Fuel contains Pomanox® P30, a pomegranate extract from Spain. Supplementation of this specific ingredient was shown to increase Total Time to Exhaustion (TTE) and the time to reach ventilatory threshold (VT2) in a study which observed male cyclists (9). This means that with supplementation of Pomanox® P30 there is capacity for both submaximal and maximal performance to increase. 


How is True Fuel Different from True Electrolyte?

The key ingredients and specific dosages in both True Fuel and True Electrolyte are based on months of researching and reviewing scientific literature to ensure the products performs where you need them most. 

As the name suggests, True Fuel is an all-encompassing formulation that is designed to assist fuelling your body and working muscles during strenuous exercise.  

Although True Electrolyte contains some carbohydrate in the form of Palatinose™ as well as premium electrolytes, the dosage is for the purpose of fast and effective rehydration or maintaining adequate hydration.  

If you require an energy source to fuel a strenuous training session or event where you also want to prevent catabolism, then True Fuel is the preferred choice. True Fuel comes in two delicious flavoursTropical and Lemon LimeIn line with the True Protein promise, both varieties contain only all-natural flavours and organic stevia. 


Who could benefit from using True Fuel?

Are your strenuous training sessions leaving you feeling depleted by the end of the week? Maybe you have an upcoming competition or event and you need to take your performance to the next level. 

True Fuel is not only for elite athletes. It can be incorporated as part of a supplement regime to assist recreational athletes and exercise enthusiasts who participate in high-intensity training, endurance training and continuous/strenuous sport and exercise. 


How and when should I take True Fuel?

True Fuel is ideally consumed around a strenuous training session or event that lasts more than 60 minutesdepending on your nutrition and supplement sporting strategy.  

Note that the below directions are general guidelines. They do not ensure adequate hydration. Additional water/fluids may be required to meet your individual hydration requirements. Due to the carbohydrate content, True Fuel should always be consumed with adequate fluids to prevent the likelihood of gastrointestinal upset. 


For strenuous exercise lasting 60-90 minutes, the direction for use is: 

  1. Pour 300-500ml cold water into a shaker or bottle. 
  2. Add 2 heaped tablespoons (30g) of True FUEL into the shaker or bottle. 
  3. Shake well and consume before, during, or after exercise. 


For higher intensity training or events lasting more than 90 minutes, the directions for use is: 

  1. Pour 600-1000ml cold water into a shaker or bottle. 
  2. Add 4 heaped tablespoons (60g) of True FUEL into the shaker or bottle. 
  3. Shake well and consume before and/or over the duration of the session/event. 


For low-intensity training or exercise lasting less than 60min, water should suffice during sessions. If you are sweat heavily or are a ‘salty’ sweater then check out True ElectrolyteWhen hydration rather than fuel is your main focus, True Electrolyte is the preferred choice. 


Can I Take Both True Fuel and True Electrolyte? 

Both True Fuel and True Electrolyte can be utilised as part of your supplement regime in combination with a nutritious diet and exercise program. However, they should not be stacked together for simultaneous consumptionFollowing the directions for use on the packagingas an example, you could incorporate True Fuel around your training such as a pre or intraworkout supplement and then later incorporate True Electrolyte on a rest day to assist in maintaining hydration.  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: all content provided here is of a general nature only and is not a substitute for individualised professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and reliance should not be placed on it. For personalised medical or nutrition advice, please make an appointment with your doctor, dietitian or qualified health careprofessional.