We gave away $100K

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Meet the winners of our $100K Golden Ticket giveaway!

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We gave away $100K

From March to May 2022, we put on our biggest ever giveaway: The True Golden Ticket. We gave our customers the chance to win their share of $100k cash, with one lucky winner per week receiving a Golden Ticket worth $10,000 in their order.

The chance to give back to our amazing community really warmed our hearts. The goal of the giveaway was to gift customers some money to put towards being balanced, whether that meant a holiday, making that health appointment, paying a bill or pursuing a new hobby. It was fantastic to see such a diverse range of customers who had different plans for their winnings.

Let's meet our 10 winners!

Morenna B. NSW

Morenna was the recipient of our very first ticket in her very first order with True, purchasing Gut Health to address some skin concerns. As the mother of a newborn baby, the ticket was more than a welcome discovery! We hope you love Gut Health as much as we do - congratulations Morenna.



Aaron N. NSW

Aaron has been a True lover since 2021 and his favourite product is Pro-Define. He initially thought his win was an April Fools joke when he found out the good news. Aaron's partner's birthday was coming up and he was excited to spoil her with his winnings - what a lucky couple!

Abbie Y. QLD

Abbie nabbed a ticket through her first-ever purchase with True: Glutamine and WPI90. Congratulations Abbie!


Laura O. NSW

Laura has been a loyal True customer since 2020! As a competitive CrossFitter she loves our WPI90 and Night85 proteins. The winnings have come at a great time as she is gearing up for competitions and the money will help cover associated costs. Congratulations and good luck Laura.


James M. NSW

James is a True VIP, having made many purchases since he discovered us in 2017. As an avid gym lover and health enthusiast, James uses our products religiously with his favourites being WPI90 and Greens. Best wishes James.


Evrim L. NSW

Evrim shared with us his amazing story of recently reclaiming his health and fitness, with True products helping him stay on track during his journey. His favourite products are WPI90 and Protein Bars. We were so stoked to have see Evrim have two wins: get his health back and now with $10k extra in his pockets. Congratulations!

Deborah S. ACT

Deborah's win was perfectly timed as she will be getting married later this year! Deborah has been a True customer since last year and her winning order contained WPI90, Post, socks and PRE. Congrats Deborah, wishing you and your fiance all the best.


Russel D. VIC

Russel is a loyal True customer and has been since 2019. His winning order contained our delicious new Raw Snack Bars, a great choice. Enjoy Russel!


Barbara & David S. NSW

Barbara and David have been customers of ours since March last year. After ordering our new Raw Snack Bars on the day of launch, they were blown away when they discovered a ticket in the order. They are planning to put the money towards a very important trip close to their hearts. Congrats to you both!


Emily K. ACT

Emily has been a True lover since September last year. Her winning order contained 2 packs of Rich Chocolate WPI90, an all-time favourite. Enjoy Emily.

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