Celebrating 10 Years: Staff Spotlight

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This month True is celebrating our 10 year anniversary and it wouldn't be a celebration without spotlighting the people who have made the brand what it is today. Read on to meet some of the faces behind True Protein.

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Celebrating 10 Years: Staff Spotlight

Behind every True product, event, and initiative lies a community of like-minded individuals with a shared vision: a world of healthier people. Nowhere is this more evident than within True's dedicated team. Without everyone's unwavering commitment, we wouldn't be celebrating 10 years of business success. Read on, to meet some of the faces behind True Protein.


Ali, Marketing

Working for True has absolutely changed the trajectory of my life. Before starting at the company I had little concept of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition or exercise. But working here does something we like to call the “True Effect”. When you’re surrounded by people who really live the values every day and love what they do, it’s infectious. Before you know it you’ve been inspired to eat well, try a new sport, create a sleep routine - you name it. The habits I’ve formed have made me a happier, healthier person and are values I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. 

 Favourite product: Protein Bars


David, Wholesale

I was already a True convert before working here. I’d been using the products exclusively for a number of years, before I came to work here. While I was studying nutrition, I became obsessed with finding the cleanest, most natural sports supplements I could, with the most minimal ingredients. That’s when I found True. Being able to support a local Australian business was just the icing on the cake. Fast forward 4 years, and I find myself interviewing for a job here. The decision to work at True was a no-brainer.

The people and culture here are like no other workplace I’ve experienced. I’m surrounded by smart, passionate people who genuinely want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. It’s a breath of fresh air. I feel blessed to be able to come to work here every day.

Favourite products: WPI 90, Creatine, ZMA, Collagen and Hot Chocolate


Will, Marketing

I've  been at True for 8 years now and have loved every minute. Seeing the brand grow and be able to positively impact the lives of our customers is what drives me everyday. It's often mind blowing to stop and reflect on how far we've come since the early days and the main reason for that is our amazing team and equally amazing customers.  Working here has not only enriched my professional life but also improved my personal well-being. Surrounded by like-minded individuals on a journey of self-improvement, I continuously learn about health and balance. I feel very fortunate to be able to work for a company who strongly values balance, improvement, authenticity and growth. 

Favourite product: ZMA in Blood Orange



Lach, Senior Leadership

I love working at True Protein because it’s more than just a job; it's being part of an extraordinary crew with a real purpose. At True Protein, its more than just mixing up protein shakes; we're stirring up the way people both start and elevate their health journeys. It’s incredibly fulfilling to hear from our customers about the positive impact our products have on their well-being. Each customer testimonial brings a deep sense of happiness and reaffirms why I'm so proud to be part of a company of amazing people that genuinely makes a difference.

Favourite product: Post


Tahls, Customer Experience

Hey, I'm Tahls. I've been part of the customer experience team for 18 months now. A few years back, I discovered the Salted Caramel Bars and instantly fell in love with them. So when I stumbled upon the job post on LinkedIn, I thought, 'That seems like a cool place to work!' Turns out, I was right, and I'm stoked to be part of such an amazing company filled with incredible people. Working here has made me way more aware of how to better fuel my body. 

 Favourite products: Plant Protein, Collagen, ZMA and Protein Bars


Icon, Digital

Just before I joined true, life threw a massive curve ball at me. I was made redundant just as we were in the middle of a home loan application. True came to the rescue and hired me almost without a flinch. When my wife was hospitalised for two weeks, I could just feel the outpouring of support and comfort from the team. I am and forever will be grateful to this great company. They say work is work and family is family. But I can wholeheartedly say this company is now my family.

Favourite product: Hot Chocolate


Han, Socials & Partnerships

I love working for True because as a part of my role I get to go out into the community and meet and interact with our customers, sponsored athletes, as well as introduce True to people who may not have heard of us before. It's really rewarding to hear how True has impacted peoples lives and habits, helping them achieve their goals whether that be to live a healthier life or qualify for the Olympics, and feel like you have been a part of a company that has had such a positive impact on their lives. My favourite product would have to be the new PRE, I love all the flavours but Blueberry Blast is top of the list at the moment!

Favourite product: Pre Blueberry Blast


Tess, Socials, Partnerships and Field Marketing

Working at True is a blend of collaboration, inspiration, and a fast-paced rhythm that truly keeps you on your toes. But what excites me each day to show up as my best self at work is the collective drive shared by everyone here, all working towards True's inspiring vision of creating a world of healthier people. Among True's exceptional products, the Plant Protein stands out as a personal favourite. Its velvety texture and gut-friendly formula make it my go-to supplement post workout!   

Favourite product: Plant Protein



Latara, Digital

I love working for True because I truly believe we are making a positive difference in people's lives, and I'm proud to play a small part in that journey. True has not only taught me about nutrition and what I put into my body but has also emphasized the importance of holistic health, both physically and mentally. My favourite True value is 'Be Balanced.' Here at True, we understand that true health encompasses more than just physical well-being; it's about finding balance and enjoying life's pleasures, whether it's indulging in a chocolate bar or savoring a glass of wine.

Favourite products: Greens in Mango and Pre in Blueberry


Eliza, Field Marketing

Working at True feels like being part of a close-knit family. Everyone is there to support you, lift you up, give you advice, be a listening ear and most of all work as a team. I am proud to work for a company that I wholeheartedly believe in, made by real people, for real people. My favourite True product is either ZMA Pineapple or Creatine Mono. These both help me with my performance, recovery and overall wellbeing. 

Favourite products: ZMA in Pineapple and Creatine Mono


Maria, Customer Experience

Working at True has been an incredible experience for me, largely because of the company's core values and the inclusive, supportive culture. It's a place where I can integrate my professional expertise with my passion for health and fitness. 
With two young children, one of whom has celiac disease, I have always been conscious of the products we use as a family. Even before joining True, I was familiar with some of the products, particularly the gluten-free options. Incorporating True products into our lifestyle has not only supported our health goals but also added a level of confidence knowing we are using natural, clean ingredients.  Among True's core values, "Be True" resonates with me the most. It's a reminder that authenticity, both personally and professionally, is the foundation for success and fulfillment. By staying true to ourselves, while embodying honesty and kindness, we pave the way for positive outcomes in all aspects of life. 

Favourite product: ZMA in Blood Orange and WPI in French Vanilla


Sally, Customer Experience

As a recent addition to the True team, I'm thrilled to find my values aligning perfectly with theirs, embracing healthy habits, and swiftly gaining valuable knowledge to enhance both my own well-being and others. My absolute favourite product is our Plant Protein. It's been amazing in aiding my body's recovery post-training, and I can't get enough of how delicious it tastes when blended into a smoothie! 

Favourite product: Plant Protein

Kath, Customer Experience

I always knew about True working in the fitness industry and when the opportunity to work here arose I literally jumped for joy. It has proven to be one of the best experiences of my life belonging to such an awesome company with such a wonderful bunch of people. I love how connected as teammates we are, all working towards the vision of a world of healthier people. It feels so good to be part of True's story and is something I will always cherish in my life. Having a gym/sauna and ice bath onsite is a no brainer to fitting more exercise into my schedule. Combine that with having access to the best tasting products that do exactly what they are meant to means my overall health has improved immensely. My favourite True value would have to be "Be You. I believe being your authentic self is a gift to yourself and to others around you. Everyone has unique gifts and personality traits that make up the fabric of our lives and allowing that to come through at work ensures a diverse workforce. 

Favourite product: Collagen


Ruby, Marketing

I began working for True as an intern a few years ago and now find myself as a full-time employee. I love that True shows genuine interest and care for their staff, and I feel lucky that I've been able to grow my career within the business. 


It's fulfilling to work for a company that makes a positive difference in so many people's lives, and being surrounded by an amazing team makes it even more worthwhile. I wouldn't want to work anywhere else :) 

Favourite product: Protein Bars in Choc Mint and Hot Chocolate


Tony, Production

I've worked for various multinational corporations and small Australian companies, but True stands out as the most generous, trusting, inclusive, flexible, and caring employer I've encountered. That's why I love coming to work here and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who values these qualities. True has not only provided me with a fulfilling work environment but also introduced me to healthy practices like 5-minute meditation at the start of meetings, Zen Masters breathing in the True gym, and early morning Tai Chi sessions in the Hunter Valley, which I now incorporate into my daily routine by the beach. Living by the value of 'Be Balanced' has brought harmony to every aspect of my life, and 'Be You' resonates strongly with me as well. Over the close to 5 years I've been with Ben and the team, I've witnessed True's remarkable growth. The company's belief in its people, improvement in processes, and investment in developing the skills of promising employees reflect its genuine commitment to valuing its workforce.


Takeo, Finance

 After transitioning from being a junk food lover to becoming health-conscious, it was no surprise that my journey led me to join True. I found the job interviews enjoyable, with a touch of nervousness during the culture committee interview. My favorite aspect of True's culture revolves around the principles of "Be True," "Be Better," and "Be You," which guide me through challenges both at work and off-work. ZMA is one of my favorite True products as it helps me to reduce stress before meeting presentations!

Favourite product: ZMA


Jas, Wholesale

I began working at True three years ago, I started in the CX team and moved into the Wholesale team about a year and a half ago. Working at True has been the best experience, I love the values of the company and how they genuinely care about all of the employees- it literally feels like one big family! Some of the people I have met here will be life long friends. Not to mention, I love my job and the clients we work with, I love the products and believe in everything we do so it never feels as though I am 'selling' people things as the products really do sell themselves.

Favourite products: WPI 90 in Salted Vanilla & Collagen in Mixed Berry


Kylie, Senior Leadership

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with True since inception and I came on board full time 5 years ago. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I love my job. The nature of my work is challenging and fulfilling, pushing me to learn and grow constantly. More than the work though (and I know this sounds cliched), it really is the people that make True. I’m surrounded by talented and supportive colleagues who consistently inspire me to be better. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with such an awesome group of humans every day. My time at True has been an amazing journey so far and I feel like we’re only just getting started!

Favourite product: ZMA Pineapple 


Nina, Production 

Working at True brings me personal satisfaction. It's a company I was already familiar with. After I started working here, this satisfaction only increased, as now I know the quality and values up close.

Being here daily has a positive impact on my life. I'm constantly in contact with products that offer a better quality of life, so I started researching more and looking for what works for me. My favorite value is 'be better.' It's what I strive for in my life every day and in every little thing.

Favourite product: WPI 90 in Raw Coconut, Plant Protein in Rich Chocolate and Creatine



Jen, Office Assistant 

I love working at True because of the people; they're motivated, interesting, kind and funny and believe in the difference our products are making. 

To continually learn more and more about my work colleagues is an absolute pleasure. I also have the added bonus of working for a company I can be proud of; we sell great products and everybody rates it so highly; employees and end users alike. 

My personal favourite is our pancakes; who doesn't enjoy something that tastes great and can be turned into a nutritious breakfast in 10 minutes flat? True is going from strength to strength and I'm excited to be along for the ride.

Favourite product: Pancakes 

Antony & George, Business Analytics

Never would we have thought that we would be working in the same company when we moved from India for our post-graduation. We knew that moving far away from home and adapting to a different culture as international students would come with struggles. However, it was all worth it when we got the opportunity to be a part of True Protein.

At True, what we have noticed is that everyone here knows that there is always room for improvement, whether it be the products we make, the processes that we follow, or personal development. Everyone at True strives to be better.

One of our favorite parts of True is how they help everyone be themselves while providing opportunities to grow personally as well as professionally. We know for sure that there are great things coming True’s way and look forward to continuing our journey with these amazing people.

 Favourite product: WPI 90 Rich Chocolate


Paty, Supply Chain & Procurement

I genuinely believe in the values and mission of True, it's the people who make the workplace truly special. When you are passionate about your company's mission, it creates a positive work environment where you feel motivated to contribute your best. 

The opportunity to be a part of something meaningful and impactful is a significant driving force behind my dedication and enthusiasm for my work at True. The company fosters a culture of collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect. Working alongside talented and motivated individuals who share a common vision creates a supportive and inspiring atmosphere. 

Favourite product: Electrolyte in Tropical

Charmie, Pick Pack

I love the people at True as well as the company. Working for True has encouraged me to be the better version of myself especially in my food choices and healthy living. I love the 'Be Better' True value as there is always room for improvement and it's a good challenge to be a better version of myself from yesterday. 


Lise, Supply & Procurement

I love working for true because of the sense of belonging and the opportunity to grow with the company. The true values are the fundamental beliefs that shape our culture and define how we operate, which fosters a collaborative environment. The company is invested in our personal and professional growth, and it is empowering to know that my professional trajectory is not constrained but actively fostered to thrive within the organisation.

Favourite product: Collagen + Vitamin C


Sam, Pick Pack

I love working for True because of its amazing culture it’s built upon. The people that I get to work with everyday who have their amazing stories and backgrounds which enrich our workplace every day inspire me every day. Working for True has subconsciously impacted my healthy habits - by being surrounded by people constantly striving to better themselves - whether that be through physical health or mental health.

Be United is my favourite True value. I believe this is a very underrated value especially within the current climate of the world - unity in every aspect is important to drive culture and most importantly brings people together. It is a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing company - happy birthday true. 

Favourite product: Creatine


Ranjith, Finance

I love working for True Protein as the values it stands  “ Be you, Be True, Be Balanced, Be Better, Be United “ for aligns with my work and personal life values so I find it easier to connect with the company. The people, leadership and culture here are amazing. Its fun and casual. Along with this, I am connected with fitness and nutrition which is a treat for me.

Favourite product: WPI Rich Choc or Choc Peanut Butter


Ang, Graphics 

True is always looking for ways to “Be Better” and it’s evident in the people who work here as well. Everyone is committed to helping others and it’s inspiring to be a part of it.

Favourite product: ZMA Blood Orange


Sherry, Kai, Mei, Winnie & Martin, Product Team

We love working at True, we truly do!

The people are a hoot and the work a-cuckoo! 

We love working at True, we truly do!

The bosses are so good so are the workmates and crew! 

We love working at True, we truly do!

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