Top 5 Protein & Superfood Smoothies

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These smoothie recipes take less than 15 minutes to make and are packed full of good stuff like protein, calcium, fibre and most importantly - flavour!

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Top 5 Protein & Superfood Smoothies

With great protein comes great responsibility.....well not quite but with the wondrous array of super foods, fresh fruit and flavoured protein powders at your disposal it would be almost criminal not to take advantage and make some of the best tasting, most nutritious smoothies known to man!

Getting this blast of nutrition and infusion of flavour is not only great for your body but great for your mind too. A refreshing lunch time lift or getting your morning off to a flying start will benefit your mood and put you in a calm head space ready for anything and who doesn’t want to be calm, refreshed and ready for a big day?

You can make any of these smoothie recipes in under 15 minutes and they are packed full of all the good stuff like flavour, protein, calcium, fibre and a whole heap of antioxidants, not to mention all the benefits you get like improved digestion, sustained energy, reduced risk of heart disease, increased fat loss, reduced risk of dementia and can reduce stress levels. What are you waiting for?

#1 The Acai Banana Boost

This purple jar of amazing is a blend of fresh fruit, antioxidants, energy and flavour. A perfect combination for the breakfast of champions!

Prep time: 10 minutes


1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen berries
2 tbsp of instant oats
2 tbsp acai powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp cinnamon 
1 cup almond milk (or substitute 1 scoop True Organic Coconut Water Powder and 1 cup of water)


1. Blend your frozen banana and frozen berries to a smooth texture. Blackberries and raspberries work well but feel free to experiment with strawberries, blueberries or any-berries.

2. Add the almond milk and some ice cubes (optional).

3. Add the oats, one scoop at a time, and then the chia seeds, acai berry and cinnamon. Blend until a consistent colour is achieved. Sprinkle over nuts for some added texture.

Benefits - Stress relief | Energy boost | Lower blood pressure | Aid digestion | Immune system boost | Aid weight loss

#2 The Choca-Mocha

A decadent rich creamy protein hit. Coffee and chocolate protein is an absolute award-winning concoction that adds to your gains, not your muffin top.

Prep time: 5 minutes


1 scoop (30g) WPI90 French Vanilla
1 cup almond milk
30ml espresso
2 pitted dates
2 tsp cacao
1/2 tsp cinnamon


1. This one is easy: throw all of the ingredients straight into the blender and whizz away for a convenient mix. There are a few variations to this classic; try adding a frozen banana for a silky texture or swap the vanilla whey for chocolate whey.

Benefits - Aid workout recovery | Build muscle | Boost energy | Increase mental function | Improved mood | Antioxidant boost

#3 The Green Goddess

The goodness of leafy greens, sweet fruit and mint will boost your body with amazing nutrients leaving you feeling refreshed and full of energy.

Prep time: 5-10 minutes


1/2 frozen banana
1/2 kiwi
1/3 cucumber
Juice from 1/2 lime
1 handful of spinach
1 stem of fresh mint
1 scoop True Organic Greens Powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 date, pitted
200-400ml coconut water 


1. There is a little bit of prep with this all-rounder, but nothing too taxing. Mix the water and coconut water powder together in a glass until dissolved.

2. Add banana, kiwi and cucumber to the blender and whizz away. Once combined, add the remaining ingredients plus the mixed coconut water powder and blend together until a smooth consistency is achieved. Consider adding a flavoured protein powder for a post-workout boost.

Benefits – Detoxify and alkalize the body | Vitamin boost | Antioxidant boost | Aid digestion | Replenish Electrolytes | Reduced risk of cancer | Boost eye health | Increased muscle efficiency | Energy boost​

#4 The Greek Mango

The fruity, silky-smooth protein splendor makes for a premium smoothie that will not only have you looking like a high roller but your body will be feeling like champion too!


1 scoop of WPI90 French Vanilla
1 cup of organic Greek yoghurt
300ml water or skimmed milk
1/2 mango
2 tbsp macadamia nut honey
1 scoop organic psyllium husk


1. Halve the mango and remove the skin then add the diced fruit and 1-1½ scoops of vanilla whey protein to a blender with your 300ml water or milk.

2. Blend this until a smooth consistency is achieved then continue to add the Greek yoghurt, macadamia nut honey and psyllium husk.

3. Blend again until all the ingredients have come together then sit back and enjoy. The fruit is the best part to play with in this recipe, consider swapping for a banana or adding in a passion fruit too. The options really are limitless!

Benefits - Aid workout recovery | Build muscle | Improve digestion | Enhance intestinal health | Improves eye health | Boost energy​

#5 Cam Byrnes’ Breakfast Shake

A simple superfood and protein combination ideal for the start of a big day or after some good activity, you will swear this is made with full cream milk. Being one of the quickest shakes you’re ever going to make this is one for the health conscious time limited people.


1 scoop WPI90 French Vanilla
2 scoops chia seeds
1 Tbsp acai powder
1/2 cup ice
200-400ml coconut water
1 banana


1. This really is as easy as it gets, don’t be shy! Chuck all the ingredients in a blender whiz it up and hey presto a nutrition rendition that will fuel your day from the first sip! Try adding some more superfoods for even more antioxidants and health benefits and use different flavour whey protein to have a brand new shake every day.

Benefits - Energy boost | Lower blood pressure | Aid digestion | Immune system boost | Aid weight loss | pH balancing | Increased Muscle growth | Improved workout recovery


Our protein powders are great tasting, made from naturally derived products and with a range of premium ingredients that contain no added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives.

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