Getting to know: Plant Protein

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Say hello to a new era of wellness with our new Plant Protein. With an improved formula, this powder reaches new heights in terms of mixability and taste, AND its exceptionally good for you. Read on to find out what all the fuss is about...

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Getting to know: Plant Protein

The term 'plant-based' has circulated through the realms of health experts, fitness circles, and social media for a considerable number of years. This trend has demonstrated its longevity, proving to be more than a passing fad. It appears that this worldwide shift in dietary preferences is a permanent change. The number of individuals adopting wholly or partially plant-based diets is increasing, and this can be linked to a range of factors. These factors include a heightened awareness of the health, environmental, economic, and ethical advantages associated with reducing meat and dairy consumption. 


It's evident that the rise of plant-based eating has catalysed the transformation of plant-based protein powders. In March of this year, we proudly introduced True Plant Protein + Probiotics, which marks an exciting reformulation of our well-loved Vegan85. This significant evolution has been a result of an entire year's dedication to reviewing products, listening to customers and surveying the market. The moment had arrived to elevate our product lineup, and thus, True Plant Protein was born. 




Protein Source 

True Plant Protein is made with Australian yellow pea and faba bean proteins sourced from Victorian farms as well as pumpkin seed proteins sourced from one of the world’s finest suppliers in the Netherlands. Governed under some of the highest standards of farming in the world, this plant protein is produced without the use of solvents or enzymes. The end result is a ‘clean’, soluble and high-quality powder.  

Plant Protein includes more than one protein source to produce a complete amino acid profile for maximum health benefits. Amino acids are divided into two categories: non-essential acids already found in our body, and essential amino acids. Essential acids are deemed as such because they cannot be synthesised or stored by our body and are gained only by eating foods that contain them. A food that contains all nine essential amino acids is classed as ‘complete’. Achieving a comprehensive amino acid profile in a non-dairy product can be undoubtedly more difficult when using a singular source. True has blended three plant-based proteins together to create a complete amino acid profile that is superior to other single-source non-dairy supplements on the market. These essential amino acids, including BCAAs, are necessary for a range of bodily processes including maintaining muscle and energy production. 


Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes 

Clinically proven doses of probiotics and digestive enzymes have also been added to True Plant Protein. Digestive enzymes help to create a non-bloating formula that’s easy to digest and won’t upset your gut, plus probiotics to help to maintain digestive regularity, improve the gut microbiome and assist protein metabolism. Read our blog: Quick Guide to Probiotics to learn more.


Superior Mixability 

The new blend boasts a smooth texture and outstanding mixability, a feature that can be elusive with vegan proteins. Many plant-based protein products on the market have a reputation for being chalky or gritty, making it challenging to find one that offers the same level of smoothness and consistency. 


How to use 

With no added sugar and premium raw ingredients, True Plant offers a delectable range of five flavours - Rich Chocolate, French Vanilla, Banana Bread, Cinnamon Chai and Natural. While it’s delicious just with water, it is by no means limited to the realm of shakes. You can add Plant Protein to a variety of hot, cold and raw recipes including smoothies, smoothie bowls, baked goods, bliss balls, oats and raw vegan treats. This can make for a fun switch from your usual protein shake and keep you motivated to keep trying delicious new ways of eating more protein. Here are a few of our favourite Plant Protein recipes:



Uses & Benefits 


Weight Loss 

Plant Protein powder can be used to supplement a healthy diet for weight loss. Creating an overall energy deficit through exercise and eating a good balance of whole food groups is key for anyone looking to lose weight – unfortunately protein shakes alone don’t contain any magic weight loss remedies. Despite the various claims from other companies, these pills and powders don’t exist! 

However, taking protein shakes alongside a healthy diet can aid weight loss. Protein is key for maintaining muscle mass and helps to keep your metabolism pumping. Protein shakes can also help fend off food cravings as they keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer. With no added sugar, nothing artificial, no fillers and trace amounts of fat and carbs, Plant Protein is natural and healthy for you, coming in at under 130 calories per shake when mixed with water and with less saturated fat than WPC80. Try replacing one of your usual snacks with a protein shake for a low-calorie, protein-packed boost that will keep you satiated for longer. 


Muscle Growth 

Protein helps repair and build muscle, which is why it’s helpful to consume protein in a shake or whole food source after you’ve worked out. Whether the protein comes from an animal or plant-based source, the components are the same: they are both made up of amino acids, just in different ratios. Consuming a surplus of protein is essential in providing your body with enough amino acids to continuously repair and rebuild muscle. A protein supplement can be one of the easiest, most convenient ways to add protein to your diet. With an average of 20 grams per serve, Plant Protein provides your cells with the amino acids they need to synthesise the proteins that stimulate muscle growth. Using Plant Protein alongside an appropriate training program and a well-balanced diet including calcium-rich foods such as nuts, beans and leafy greens, will aid in lean muscle growth, recovery and overall athletic performance. 


Why plant based? 

You don’t have to be vegan to consume plant-based protein. When comparing plant-based and animal-based protein powders, one is not inherently better for you than the other. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences. Some individuals have dietary restrictions or allergies that make it challenging to consume animal-based products. Vegan protein powder serves as an excellent alternative for people with lactose intolerance or milk allergies. Additionally, some individuals opt for vegan protein powder due to ethical concerns related to animal welfare or environmental sustainability. They may want to reduce their consumption of animal products for these reasons. True Plant is a vegan protein source that can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals, not limited to vegans. Your choice of protein powder should align with your dietary needs, preferences, and ethical or health considerations. 


Key takeaways 

  • True Plant Protein represents a significant upgrade from our original plant-based protein, Vegan85 with the new formulation hosting several benefits that set it apart.

  • Say goodbye to any grittiness or chalkiness that you might have experienced before, the new formula promotes superior mixability and a smooth texture 

  • Added probiotics and a non-bloating formula mean you are looking after your digestive health all while reaching your protein goals 

  • It’s low in sugar and made from naturally derived ingredients, designed to help you achieve your goals whether that be weight loss, muscle growth or just promoting a healthier you 

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