Meet the Winner of the True Ranger Raptor!

Ali Humphrey Blog Avatar reviewed by our Nutrition Team 10 June 2020

We caught up with the winner of our True Ranger Raptor to see how it felt to win an $85,000 prize and how much it's changed her life

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Meet the Winner of the True Ranger Raptor!

Congratulations Sarah! We want to know more about the lucky winner of the True Raptor - tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 24 and currently a manager at KFC during the day as well as working at BWS, though I’m hoping to get back into the hospital sector in the next couple of weeks. I’m lucky enough to live on the Sunshine Coast so I get up to a lot in my spare time - I love training at HIIT Kawana, I play touch and Oztag, skate with friends and (attempt) to surf. 


What made you enter the Car Comp? 


I didn’t mean to! I can vaguely remember seeing something about it when I bought my supplements and thinking “got to be in it to win it” when I put my details in. I never even gave it a thought after that. I was in the middle of an 8-week challenge with HITT and my trainer Ryan had me on a higher protein diet than what I was used to. I was looking for a protein shake I would enjoy drinking twice a day to help hit my macros when my boss gave me a sample of True’s Choc Mint WPI90. It was easily the best protein I’d ever tried and I ordered it and a few other things on the spot! 


What went through your head when Ben called you to tell you you'd won the car?


This is a prank; I’ve never even won a meat tray at the pub! What’s a raptor?


How did your friends and family react when you told them you'd won the car?


Everyone was so happy for me! They couldn’t believe it at first, there were a few tears from mum, and she cried again watching the video of me getting call. 


What are your plans for the Raptor? How will it be Fuelling your Freedom?


I’ve got a few hundred friends lined up for a test drive! Definitely going on a few adventures, this weekend the plan is to take Black Betty up to Double Island Point and see how she goes in the beach. 

I really want to say thanks for everything! The day before you called my bank account had been hacked and half my savings were taken by someone overseas – so I was having a pretty bad Monday. When Ben called I first thought he was just calling to tell me the product I’d bought was being recalled or something (not that I could’ve sent it back, I demolished it). I thought “sweet, they might send me a new bag of protein”. Free protein was honestly the best-case scenario in my head – but I ended up with a new car! 

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