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  • Excellent value
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Please Note: We are out of stock of Strawberry and Coconut WPC Samples. You will receive an additional Chocolate and Vanilla WPC sample to make up for these missing flavours.
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WPC80 Sample Pack

Try all 10 exclusive True Protein whey protein concentrate flavours in one simple and affordable sample pack. Utilising the best New Zealand grass fed whey protein concentrate as well as premium quality flavouring ingredients, the TRUE WPC80 SAMPLE PACK delivers both nutritionally and taste wise and comes with the added bonus of a free TRUE LARGE SHAKER and also FREE SHIPPING*.

10 Sample Sachets

Flavours included: 1 x Natural, 1 x Rich Chocolate, 1 x French Vanilla, 1 x Banana & Honey, 1 x Strawberries & Cream, 1 x Raw Coconut, 1 x Choc Mint, 1 x Iced Chai, 1 x Apple & Cinnamon, 1 x Coffee Mocha

Free Large Shaker

Take advantage of a free LARGE SHAKER with every purchase of the TRUE WPC80 SAMPLE PACK

Free Shipping

Our sample packs come with 100% free shipping making it even more affordable to trial our range.* Please note that shipping is only free when you purchase the sample pack alone

Fast Digesting

The bioavailability of whey protein concentrate means it is quickly digested by the body to provide essential amino acids for fuel or recovery.

New Zealand Sourced

Not all protein powders are made equally, NZ proteins are considered the best in the world due to industry leading livestock processes and strict government regulations.

Rich Amino Acid Profile

Whey protein concentrate contains a complete amino acid profile for rebuilding muscle and providing vital nutrition for the body.

Achieve Your Goal

Muscle Gain & Performance

Ensuring your body receives a regular supply of protein is essential for supporting lean muscle growth. Protein consists of amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle and allow us to build, repair and maintain muscle tissue.

Building muscle mass essentially involves the process of lifting heavier weights, tearing the muscle fibres and then rebuilding them stronger and bigger and this is where regular protein intake comes in. Current research indicates roughly 2.2g of protein per kg of body weight is required for building muscle. For an 80kg male this equates to 176g/day which equates to roughly 30g-40g per meal spread over 5 meals.

Protein can be attained from a wide range of wholefood sources such as fish, chicken, and beef as well as non-animal sources such as quinoa, green peas and nuts. Protein can also be attained in supplement form, most commonly in powders such as whey protein powder, pea protein powder or rice protein powder. These powders allow for a convenient way to add additional protein calories into your daily diet and assist with muscle building needs.

  • Faster Recovery
  • Energy Boost
  • Muscle Growth

Weight Loss & Toning

The lowest calorie way to consume protein is in a protein shake. Products such as Whey Protein Isolate have extremely low levels of carbs and fats, meaning the calories you consume are virtually pure protein. If you’re looking to minimise your caloric intake and burn any excess fat, a high protein diet is a must. Not only will a high protein diet ensure your body draws its energy from excess fat stores, it’ll also make sure you don’t feel hungry and crave unplanned cheat meals.

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t advise you rely on protein powder as your only source of protein. Rather it should be used to supplement a well-rounded diet.

  • Fat Burner
  • Low Carb Shake
  • Meal Replacement


4.79/5 Rating: 4.79 288 reviews
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Every flavour was great Rating: 5 out of 5

Heaps cheap option to try most to every flavour, great quality also

Life changing Rating: 5 out of 5

Absolutely in love with this product!!! My bestie and I were on the hunt for a quality great tasting protein powder and this has ticked all the boxes!! It’s creamy when mixed with water while most proteins just taste watery, the flavours are to die for, taste exactly like you would think & hope for. The hardest part is deciding which flavour to buy.... maybe one of each LOL

Great Value and taste Rating: 5 out of 5

Really good value for the price and can let you decide which flavours you really want or need. Definitely recommended as the taste is awesome as well

Really Impressive Rating: 5 out of 5

I've been looking for a permanent protein and not only does this taste amazing in both shakes and cooking but the service was really great. The product arrived quickly and there are so many flavours that are different and taste so great. Loving it.

Sample pack review Rating: 5 out of 5

Great variety of flavours to choose from and very tasty

Great taste, great consistency Rating: 5 out of 5

I recently bought the WPC sample pack. I’ve tried many protein powders, the True Protein powder is superior to 99% of them both in flavour and consistency. I also love the option of buying a sample pack. I’ve thrown away many tubs of expensive unpleasant tasting protein powder.

Good Product Rating: 4 out of 5

Really like what these guys have done in terms of how they flavour their products. After using the 10pack sample WPC, I purchased 1kg of the Raw Coconut flavoured WPI90 (my preference of natural/unflavoured was not available from my gym). The product has a clean taste, is quite sweet but not eyeball-gougingly so (like the PranaOn product I sampled recently). Will be buying the unflavoured WPI for the future.

Awesome taste! Rating: 5 out of 5

All flavours are true to their name and are great for a pick me up after a workout

I'm Ready To Buy

Suggested Use

Tear open the sachet and empty powder into 150ml-200ml of liquid of your choice. Stir/Shake until consistency smooth and consume.



Natural (Unflavoured) WPC

Whey protein concentrate powder (100%), Sunflower Lecithin 0.2% (NON GMO)


Rich Chocolate WPC

Whey protein concentrate (92%), Natural cocoa, Natural chocolate flavour, Organic inulin, Vegetable gum, Organic stevia, Sunflower lecithin 0.02% (NON GMO)


French Vanilla WPC

Whey protein concentrate (96%), Organic vanilla powder, Natural vanilla flavour, Organic stevia, Organic inulin, Vegetable gum, Sunflower lecithin 0.2% (NON GMO)


Strawberries & Cream WPC

Whey protein concentrate (96%), Freeze dried strawberry powder, Natural strawberry flavour, Organic stevia, Organic inulin, Vegetable gum, Sunflower lecithin 0.02% (NON GMO)


Iced Chai WPC

Whey protein concentrate (90%), Natural carob, Natural chai flavour, Organic inulin, Vegetable gum, Organic stevia, Sunflower lecithin (0.02%)


Banana & Honey WPC

Whey protein concentrate (96%), Freeze dried banana powder, Freeze dried manuka honey powder, Natural banana flavour, Organic stevia, Organic inulin, Vegetable gum, Sunflower lecithin (0.02%) NON GMO


Chocolate Mint WPC

Whey protein concentrate (92%), Natural cocoa, Natural chocolate flavour, Natural peppermint flavour, Organic stevia, Organic inulin, Vegetable gum, Sunflower lecithin (0.02%) NON GMO


Apple & Cinnamon WPC 

Whey protein concentrate (92%),Organic cinnamon powder, Freeze dried apple powder, Natural apple/cinnamon flavour,Organic stevia, Vegetable gum, Organic inulin, Sunflower lecithin (0.02%) NON GMO


Raw Coconut WPI  

Whey protein concentrate (90%),Coconut water powder, Dessicated coconut, Natural coconut flavour, Organic inulin, Vegetable gum, Organic stevia, Sunflower lecithin (0.02%) NON GMO


Organic Coffee Mocha WPI  

Whey protein concentrate (84%),Organic ground coffee bean powder (7%), Natural cocoa (6%), Natural chocolate flavour, Natural booster flavour, Organic inulin, Vegetable gum, Organic stevia, Sunflower lecithin (0.02%) NON GMO


Nutritional Information

Energy  519Kj 1730Kj
Calories  124Kcal 413Kcal
Protein  23.9g 79.8g
Total Fat  2.2g 7.2g
-Saturated 1.5g 5.1g
Carbohydrates  1.8g 6.1g
-Sugars 1.8g 6.1g
Sodium  42mg 140mg

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