• High 80%+ protein content
  • Slow, steady releasing
  • Ideal 'pre bed' option
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Naturally flavoured and sweetened

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Ultimate Slow Releaser

NIGHT85 is a milk protein concentrate powder derived from ultra-filtered skimmed milk. It is comprised of both casein protein and whey protein in a ratio of 80:20. NIGHT85 provides a slow digesting protein source that releases amino acids to your muscles over a long period of time.

Leading Manufacturing Processes

Manufactured by ultrafiltration of skim milk NIGHT85 has a range of superior functional and textural properties compared to many other casein proteins.

Low In Fat And Carbs

NIGHT85 has a fat content of only 1.5% and carbs of 3.9% in the form of lactose, making it ideal for use as a meal replacement or before bed shake.

High in Protein

NIGHT85 has an impressive protein content making it a great option for boosting daily intake. In natural form it has an 85%+ protein content making it ideal for supporting lean muscle growth.

Slow Digesting

NIGHT85 is made up of 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein. This makes it extremely slow digesting and will provide amino acids to the body for 6-8 hours.

New Zealand Sourced

Not all protein powders are made equally, NZ proteins are considered the best in the world due to industry leading livestock processes and strict government regulations.

Rich Amino Acid Profile

NIGHT85 contains a complete amino acid profile ideal for rebuilding muscle and providing vital nutrition for the body.

Achieve Your Goal

Muscle Gain & Performance

Ensuring your body receives a regular supply of protein is essential for supporting lean muscle growth. Protein consists of amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle and allow us to build, repair and maintain muscle tissue.

Building muscle mass essentially involves the process of lifting heavier weights, tearing the muscle fibres and then rebuilding them stronger and bigger and this is where regular protein intake comes in. Current research indicates roughly 2.2g of protein per kg of body weight is required for building muscle. For an 80kg male this equates to 176g/day which equates to roughly 30g-40g per meal spread over 5 meals.

Protein can be attained from a wide range of wholefood sources such as fish, chicken, and beef as well as non-animal sources such as quinoa, green peas and nuts. Protein can also be attained in supplement form, most commonly in powders such as whey protein powder, pea protein powder or rice protein powder. These powders allow for a convenient way to add additional protein calories into your daily diet and assist with muscle building needs.

  • Faster Recovery
  • Energy Boost
  • Muscle Growth

Weight Loss & Toning

The lowest calorie way to consume protein is in a protein shake. Products such as Whey Protein Isolate have extremely low levels of carbs and fats, meaning the calories you consume are virtually pure protein. If you’re looking to minimise your caloric intake and burn any excess fat, a high protein diet is a must. Not only will a high protein diet ensure your body draws its energy from excess fat stores, it’ll also make sure you don’t feel hungry and crave unplanned cheat meals.

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t advise you rely on protein powder as your only source of protein. Rather it should be used to supplement a well-rounded diet.

  • Fat Burner
  • Low Carb Shake
  • Meal Replacement


4.73/5 Rating: 4.73 40 reviews
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My Favourite Part of the Day Rating: 5 out of 5
Rich Chocolate

I have this slow release protein powder just before bed, mixed with water and peanut butter. It is my favourite part of the day. The protein has a delicious flavour without being too sweet and nasties added to it.

Raw Coconut Rating: 5 out of 5
Raw Coconut

This is so yummy... makes my diet feel like I'm being naughty getting a such a yummy desert each night, I sometimes mix with the chocolate for bounty pudding

Good night time protein Rating: 4 out of 5
Chocolate Mint

It doesn't quite mix as well as the WPI90 I have and the flavor of the Choc Mint is a bit different to the WPI90 Choc Mint which is one of my favourites. It is a good protein and it tastes quite nice.

Great taste, helps me sleep better Rating: 5 out of 5
French Vanilla

Really creamy smooth delicous taste. Find it helps me sleep and recover better on nights where I had a big training day. Interestingly if you mix it with the lemon burst flavour of ZMA it tastes like drinking liquid lemon cheesecake!!

THE Staple Rating: 5 out of 5
Raw Coconut

The long-release of NIGHT85 makes this an ideal source for early mornings as well as overnight. Added to steel-cut or traditional oats, you'll be set until early afternoon without the dip in protein synthesis and hunger that you'd experience from other sources. The texture is amazingly frothy, which makes it great with just water prior to bed too, and can remove the sweet cravings late at night. It actually makes really good baked products too. This is the swiss-army knife of protein poweders.

Love it Rating: 5 out of 5

No need for a late night snack anymore. Thankyou. Delicious and filling. Just what i needed.

Delish! Rating: 5 out of 5

Love this protein before bed! I stir into greek yoghurt....delicious!

Chocolate Mousse Rating: 4 out of 5

Mixes easily, and is very thick so add bit more water than a standard protein drink. I like to mix 1/2 scoop with 100g cottage cheese, add a small amount of water and you have a healthy chocolate mousse to finish the day with. Add raspberries and blueberries. Yum.....

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How is True Milk Protein flavoured?

We have opted to use Stevia to sweeten our flavoured proteins. Stevia is derived naturally from a plant that originated in South America and is 600 times sweeter than sugar. We therefore only need very small quantities of this naturally produced sweetener to flavour large quantities of protein.

Our in house development team has pushed the boundaries of natural flavouring, to develop completely unique flavours that contain no artificial flavours or additives, while possessing a fantastic natural and clean taste.

Suggested Use

Add 1 heaped Large TP scoop (30g) to 250-350ml of liquid of your choice. Consume 1-3 servings daily or as required. Give preference to consuming before sleep.

True Protein recommends as a guideline 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This recommendation is based on the assumption that your goals are to build lean muscle and enhance recovery. These guidelines translate to an 80kg person taking roughly 120g to 160g of protein per day. We recommend that you fulfill this quota through a combination of wholefoods and protein supplementation.


Suitable for Vegetarians
Completely Free From Gluten
No Added Sugar
Blended and Packed in Australia



Ingredients Milk protein concentrate (NZ) (88%), Natural cocoa, Natural chocolate flavours, Organic inulin, Vegetable gum, Organic stevia, Soy lecithin (Trace)
Allergens  Contains milk products. Recommended for adults. Not suitable for people with dairy allergies. Produced in a facility that handles nuts and nut products. 

Nutritional Information

Energy  446Kj 1490Kj
Protein  22.0g 73.4g
Fat, total  0.7g 2.2g
- Saturated 0.5g 1.5g
Carbohydrates  2.9g 9.6g
- Sugars 1.2g 3.9g
Sodium  33mg 110mg

Amino Acid Profile

Amino Acid Per 30g Per 100g 
Isoleucine  1.74 5.79
Leucine  2.94 9.81
Lysine 2.48 8.28
Methionine 0.72 2.40
Phenylalanine 1.48 4.94
Threonine 1.52 5.05
Tryptophan 0.38 1.26
Valine  2.04 6.79
Histidine 0.91 3.03
Alanine 1.04 3.47
Arginine 1.10 3.67
Aspartic Acid 2.34 7.80
Cysteine 2.64 8.80
Glutamic Acid  6.26 20.85
Glycine 0.61 2.04
Proline 2.99 9.98
Serine 1.90 6.34
Tyrosine 1.45 4.83

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