Rory Boyden

Rory Boyden


Rory is a CrossFit® athlete with a background of rugby and strength training. He has always had a passion for strength and conditioning which made his transition from Rugby to CrossFit®. Rory quickly fell in love with the sport and became a co-owner of CrossFit® Creature. He now owns 3 gyms across Sydney and is the co-creator of Peak Chocolate, the world’s first pre-workout chocolate.

Since Rory competed at his first Regionals competition in 2013 it has been his goal to compete at the CrossFit® Games. True Protein has played a huge role in his strength progress and recovery process. Getting enough protein and carbohydrates has become a crucial part of helping Rory perform at his best.​

How often do you train?
I usually train 10 times per week with 1 complete rest day and 1 active recovery day. My training consists of a variety of mobility, running, swimming, bodybuilding and traditional Crossfit® style training.

How do you take your supplements and what’s your favourite True supplement?
Before I hit a hard session, I take one serve of Peak Chocolate which contains True Protein BCAAs, Creatine as well as Himalayan salt and caffeine. We chose only the best supplements for our very own chocolate which shows how much I believe and trust in True.

True Post is the best post workout supplement on the market and one of my all-time favourites. I believe everyone should be taking this post workout and we recommend it to every one of our members.

I also add Cyclic Dextrin to my True Post Workout shake to increase the amount of carbohydrates I have to help recover between training sessions.

If ever I need a fast snack throughout the day I have True Vegan protein with a banana.

ZMA is great before bed it assists in relaxation and recovery especially when my mornings start at 4am most days!

I choose True products for myself and the gyms because they contain only the highest quality, most research supplements with no nasty’s. Plus they taste delicious!


Clean & Jerk: 132.5kg
Snatch: 110kg
Helen: 6:58
Fran: 2:25
Grace: 1:32
Max Muscle-Ups: 27 reps
21.097km Row: 1:20:13
Australian Regional Competitor: 3 years, highest place 9th


Pacific Regionals 2013 - 9th Place
2014 - 17th Place
2015 - 9th Place
2017 - 10th Place


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