Dave Harvey

Dave Harvey


Dave Harvey, a professional rugby player in all parts of the world from France, England, Italy and Super Rugby here in Australia. He was the first athlete to represent two countries in the IRB Sevens World Series playing for both Australia and Brazil.

Dave has since moved his focus to his passion of F45 and competing in the now world-renowned F45 Playoff which is the ultimate test of strength, speed, power, agility and muscular endurance where he placed 2nd in the National Championships in 2016.

Combined with competing Dave thrive off pushing his body to the limits whilst helping others reach their goals through nutrition and performance.

How often do you train?
Twice a day if possible whilst incorporating rehab into my daily routine of stretching, rolling, glute activation and core work. Sundays are usually kept as my rest days in order to find that balance.

How do you take your supplements?

I’m a big believer of listening to your body, if you're hungry then eat if you’re tired then sleep but obviously giving your body the right tools and the best possibility to perform at its peak.

I take my shake after EVERY training session usually within 30-45 minutes whilst incorporating my BCAA's into my training throughout the sessions.

I usually use the TP Organic Cinnamon in my coffee, coconut yoghurt and protein pancakes which also contains TP Vegan 85 French Vanilla protein.

I usually have a shake AM and PM post sessions and both with water and incorporate the Organic Cinnamon and or Acai powder for morning tea.

My current go-to snack is coconut yoghurt, banana and honey TP WPI90, Organic Cinnamon Powder, Organic Honey and Blueberries.

What’s your favourite supplement?
WPI90 in Banana and Honey- It’s like a Banana Paddle pop.


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