True Protein to partner with Peak Chocolate

By Will Florance
2 June 2016

True Protein is proud to announce their partnership with Peak Chocolate. Peak Chocolate is a young, athlete-focused chocolate producer that aims to provide the highest quality, most nutritious and performance enhancing chocolate-based products on the market. Their unique dark chocolate bars are manufactured in Melbourne and contain a potential-maximizing blend of creatine, BCAA’s, caffeine and Himalayan sea salt. Peak Chocolate provides a quality mix of key training supplements in a convenient, delicious, and nutritious dark chocolate bar!

Co-founded by True Athlete Rory Boyden and fellow CrossFit® athlete Raph Freedman, Peak Chocolate, which was launched during the CrossFit® Pacific Regionals, seems set to take the sports nutrition industry by storm.

In addition to delivering a quality blend of amino acids, Peak Chocolate will help you fight off fatigue with the caffeine equivalent of an expresso shot in every serve.  Boyden notes that, “the chocolate is the perfect way to supercharge your mornings, provide a pre-workout buzz, help you stay focused at work or replace your daily coffee on the run”.

Recognizing that not all supplements are made equal, Peak Chocolate has chosen to partner with True Protein because of its commitment to production transparency and the nutritional purity of their quality supplements.  Under the new partnership True Protein is now supplying Peak Chocolate with all of its BCAAs, creatine, and organic caffeine.

Justin Chapman of True Protein notes that TP’s amino acids are sourced from a leading supplier of pharmaceutical and research grade amino acids.  Based in Japan, their industry leading purification processes utilize natural vegetable-based carbohydrates during the fermentation process, creating a more pure, neutral tasting product.  According to Chapman, the True Japanese BCAA blend used in Peak Chocolate will play a vital role in helping enhance the muscle recovery process.

Similarly, True Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure®) is a premium grade of Creatine Monohydrate that due to its additional treatment processes is guaranteed to be the purest form of Creatine in the world.  Creatine is one of the most studied sports supplements and has been proven to provide improvements in explosive energy, power and the ability for the body to build lean mass.  

Check out our Peak Chocolate bars here.


About True Protein  

Founded in 2014 by brothers James and Ben Kierath, True Protein set out to revolutionize the Australian sport nutrition supplement market by developing a nutritious whey protein powder that had minimal ingredients and featured organic flavours and natural sweeteners.  Based in Brookvale, Sydney, the business has expanded to include a wide range of quality protein powders, premium amino acids, anti-oxidant powders and carbohydrates.  With strong links to the CrossFit® community, True Protein can be purchased online and through selected pharmacies, gyms, nutritionists and personal trainers.  Enquiries can be directed to


About Peak Chocolate.

Peak Chocolate is a wholly Australian business based in Sydney, owned and managed by athletes Raph Freedman and Rory Boyden.  Rory and Raph, are both Regionals athletes with a passion for CrossFit®, healthy lifestyles and sports nutrition. Together with their business partner Lachlan Rowston they own and manage two CrossFit® boxes in Sydney while Raph and Lachlan also produce a popular weekly podcast The Mind Muscle Project for the CrossFit® and athletic community. Both Rory and Raph can be contacted at

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