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Description +

No. 1 Whey Protein Concentrate

WPC80 is a New Zealand-sourced whey protein concentrate powder, which in its natural form possesses a protein content of 80% (24g/30g serve). WPC 80 is fast digesting and boasts an exceptional amino acid profile, making it an excellent choice for achieving a wide range of health and fitness goals whether they be post-workout recovery, supporting lean muscle growth, or assisting with weight loss.


Leading Manufacturing Processes

Our whey protein concentrate is manufactured through an microfiltration process (MF) to provide an extremely pure and refined protein.


Contains Vitamins and Minerals

This form of protein retains vital minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron as well as small amounts of vitamin A.


High in Protein

Whey protein concentrate has a very high protein content. In natural form it boasts 80%+ protein content making it ideal for supporting lean muscle growth.



The bioavailability of whey protein concentrate means it is quickly digested by the body to provide essential amino acids for fuel or recovery.


New Zealand-sourced

Not all protein powders are made equal. New Zealand proteins are considered the best in the world due to industry-leading livestock processes and strict government regulations.


Rich Amino Acid Profile

Whey protein concentrate contains a complete amino acid profile ideal for rebuilding muscle and providing vital nutrition for the body.

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How To Use +

Suggested Use

Pour 150-200ml liquid of your choice into a shaker. Add the contents of 1 True Sample Sachet (30g) into the shaker. Shake well and enjoy! Use 1-3 times daily or as required.

Nutritionals & Ingredients +



Rich Chocolate WPC

Whey protein concentrate (NZ) (89%), Natural cocoa (7%), Organic inulin, Natural chocolate flavours, Vegetable gum, Organic stevia, Sunflower lecithin (Trace)

Nutritional Information

Energy (Kj) 514Kj 1710Kj
Protein (g) 21.8g 72.5g
Total Fat (g) 2.2g 7.4g
 Saturated Fat (g) 1.6g 5.2g
Carbohydrates (g) 2.1g 6.9g
Of which Sugars (g)  1.7g 5.7g
Sodium (mg) 38mg 127mg

Amino Acid Profile

Amino Acid 30g 100g 
Isoleucine  2.1 7.0
Leucine  3.4 11.4
Lysine 2.8 9.4
Methionine 0.8 2.6
Phenylalanine 1.1 3.5
Threonine 2.2 7.4
Tryptophan 0.6 2.1
Valine  1.9 6.4
Histidine 0.6 2.0
Alanine 1.6 5.4
Arginine 0.8 2.8
Aspartic Acid 3.4 11.3
Cysteine 0.9 2.9
Glutamic Acid  5.6 18.6
Glycine 0.6 2.1
Proline 2.0 6.5
Serine 1.6 5.4
Tyrosine 1.1 3.5

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