Vinyl Sticker

  • Vinyl sticker
  • Premium finish
  • Strong adhesive hold
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True Vinyl Sticker

The TRUE VINYL STICKER is the ultimate way to rep your favourite supplement brand. Made from a premium adhesive this sticker can be applied to nearly any surface for a seamless look.


True Branded

The TRUE VINYL STICKER is a simple bold statement with our iconic logo in all black.


Premium hold

TRUE VINYL STICKER has an extremely strong hold and matte finish, the sticker in many cases almost looks like it has been printed on the surface.


Vinyl Adhesive

TRUE VINYL STICKER is made from premium materials and means once applied it will stand the test of time. Suitable to be placed on laptops, car windows or furniture.

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How To Use +

How to Apply

Transferring your stickers to a product or surface is easy;

1. Simply remove the backing. 

2. Set it on the surface.

3. Rub it.

4. Then slowly pull the transfer tape off to reveal our true logo. 

5. Make sure you do this last step slowly and carefully. 

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