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True Endurance Bundle

Such an awesome new products to fuel my training sessions! The lemon and lime flavour is so delicious!

Bree M.
19 reviews
    • Advanced formulas for effective fuel & hydration
    • Science-backed ingredients and dosages 
    • Rapid hydration and fast energy
True Endurance Bundle


For Electrolyte ingredients, see here.

For Fuel ingredients, see here.

Nutritional Information

For Electrolyte nutritionals, see here.

For Fuel nutritionals, see here.

Electrolyte True Fuel
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Such an awesome new products to fuel my training sessions! The lemon and lime flavour is so delicious!

Bree M.

Energy & Hydration for Enhanced Endurance

Need help going the distance? The True Endurance Bundle is your solution. The pack includes Fuel - an energy-boosting low GI carbohydrate formula; and Electrolyte, an advanced hypotonic blend that efficiently replenishes lost fluids. Fuel your muscles and quickly rehydrate to continue performing at your peak during strenuous or sustained exercise. 

Bundle & Save

The ENDURANCE BUNDLE offers a significant discount as well as convenience for stocking up your supplement supply.

Premium Ingredients

True FUEL & ELECTROLYTE are made with optimised blends of the worlds finest essential amino acids, carbohydrates and premium electrolytes.

Effective for Any & Every Activity

FUEL & ELECTROLYTE are not only for elite athletes. Incorporate them both as part of a supplement regime to assist in recreational exercise, training, sport or even strenuous labour.

Scientifically Supported

The key ingredients and specific dosages in FUEL & ELECTROLYTE are based on reviewing scientific literature and evidence-based practice to ensure the products work when you need them most.

Ideal Sweetness

The unique ingredients utilised in both True FUEL & ELECTROLYTE are less sweet than traditional sucrose, making it the ideal choice for those looking to avoid sweetness fatigue.

Superior Bioavailability

The carbohydrates and amino acids in the True endurance range are absorbed by the body quickly to ensure rapid hydration and fast energy.

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Reviews + Questions

Customer Reviews
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Jarrod R.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


On long rides and runs I always either have this with me or drink before as it gives me the edge to push my self even further then I did before. I find it like a liquid food, awesome product.

Annette E.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


Tasty and easy to drink.

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Fuel is a beaut

I took the chance and downed it first thing in the morning before going for a swim (0730), and surprise surprise, no gas, no nauseous feeling, no feeling of wanting to spew whilst swimming! No side effects rest of the day either which is really good. Only thing is it didn’t mix too well in water but that might be user error I need to test it for longer swims (2-8 hrs +) with multiple swigs and see what happens.


True Protein

Hey Shien, Thankyou for the amazing feedback. We are so happy to hear that your are loving our True Fuel! You will have to let us know how you go with longer swims! Have a great day, Latara True Protein.

Bryan C.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


Absolutely lovely!

Praena C.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


SO refreshing. Actually look forward to a big run session know I have this to fuel on to rehydrate

FAQs +


How does True Fuel enhance my endurance?

True Fuel is made up of premium ingredients designed to fuel your body for longer. Premium electrolytes restore the balance of fluids in the body to ensure it continues to function at its peak; Essential amino acids (EAA’s) maintain a positive protein balance to fuel muscles during prolonged exercise; And 300mg of pomegranate extract (Pomanox P30), rich in bioactive polyphenols, improves time to exhaustion and increases ventilatory threshold.

Who could benefit from taking True Fuel?

Are your strenuous training sessions leaving you feeling depleted by the end of the week? Maybe you have an upcoming competition or event and you need to take your performance to the next level. That said, True Fuel is not only for elite athletes. It can be incorporated as part of a supplement regime to assist recreational athletes and exercise enthusiasts who participate in high-intensity training, endurance training and continuous/strenuous sport and exercise.

What is the best time to take True Fuel?

True Fuel is ideally consumed around a strenuous training session or event that lasts more than 60 minutes, depending on your nutrition and supplement sporting strategy. Due to the carbohydrate content, True Fuel should always be consumed with adequate fluids to prevent the likelihood of gastrointestinal upset.

Can I take True Fuel & Electrolyte at the same time?

Fuel & Electrolyte should not be used simultaneously. If using both prior to strenuous sustained exercise, the optimal use would be to consume Fuel prior to the session, followed by Electrolyte after the event has concluded to assist with regaining hydration.

What is the difference between True Fuel & Electrolyte?

The key ingredients and specific dosages in both True Fuel and True Electrolyte are based on months of researching and reviewing scientific literature to ensure the products perform where you need them most. Although True Electrolyte contains some carbohydrates as well as premium electrolytes, the dosage is purely for the purpose of fast and effective rehydration or maintaining adequate hydration. If you require an energy source to fuel a strenuous training session or event where you also want to prevent catabolism, then True Fuel is the preferred choice.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals which carry an electric charge when dissolved in liquids such as blood. The human body needs this charge to carry out physiological processes such as muscle and nerve function, hydration regulation and PH balance.

What is an electrolyte imbalance?

Your body needs a mix of minerals such as sodium, magnesium and potassium to function. The delicate balance of electrolytes can be thrown off when an excess of fluids is lost from events such as physical activity, drinking alcohol, vomiting and diarrhoea or certain medications. Electrolyte imbalances can cause nausea, exhaustion and fluid retention.

How does True Electrolyte enhance my health and endurance?

True Electrolyte restores the balance of electrolytes to your body through its optimal ratio of sodium, magnesium and potassium. This ensures you are well hydrated and your body can continue to perform at its physical peak, whether you are in the midst of physical activity or even a tough day at work.

What is the the difference between hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic formulas?

Electrolytes are delivered to your blood via a process called osmosis, which is the movement of water in and out of the cells. Many alternative electrolyte formulas on the market are isotonic or hypertonic solutions. Isotonic solutions are in equilibrium with their surroundings, meaning there is no significant movement of water in or out of the cells. Hypertonic solutions have a higher solute concentration, causing water to move out of cells and actually dehydrating you, which can result in gastric distress. True’s Electrolyte is a hypotonic solution, meaning it has a lower concentration of dissolved particles and can be absorbed by the gut walls faster than isotonic and hypertonic formulas or even water alone.

Who could benefit from taking True Electrolyte?

As all humans need an ideal electrolyte balance to survive, True Electrolyte is a product suitable for anyone. However, it is particularly beneficial before, during or after times of physical exertion when fluids are quickly lost.

When is the best time to take True Electrolyte?

When using in conjunction with exercise, True Electrolyte can be taken prior to, during or after your session or event. For alternative uses, consume as needed.

Will True Electrolyte upset my stomach?

True Electrolyte is a hypotonic solution which facilitates optimal gastric emptying (is gentle on the stomach) and ensures that you do not feel full or heavy and can focus performing at your peak.

How To Use +

Suggested Use

FUEL: Add 2 heaped tablespoons (30g) to 300ml-500ml of cold water into a shaker or bottle. Shake well and consume before, during or after exercise. 

ELECTROLYTE: Add 2 level teaspoons (6g) to 400ml of water in a shaker or glass, shake and consume. Consume before, during or after your workout.

Product Features +


Completely Free From Gluten
Blended and Packed in Australia
Lactose Free
Suitable for Vegans
Nutritionals & Ingredients +



For Electrolyte ingredients, see here.

For Fuel ingredients, see here.

Nutritional Information

For Electrolyte nutritionals, see here.

For Fuel nutritionals, see here.