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Whether you're looking to build muscle, increase your weight or improve your fitness for Rugby, True has you covered. Our range of supplements below have been handpicked to assist you in achieving your health, muscle & fitness goals for footy.

Rugby & Supplements

Rugby is a challenging game both on and off the field. To perform at your peak and continue to improve players must ensure their nutrition is up to scratch. Whether you’re looking to push your game to the next level, recover faster from strenuous training sessions, or simply seeking to cope with the physical pressures of the game, supplementation may be perfect for you.

Prior to supplementation, athletes must first ensure they are receiving the majority of their nutrients from a well-rounded wholefood diet. Supplementation should not be relied on as a sole source of nutrition; it is only to supplement a diet.

Rugby Union and League are two of the most physically demanding sports on the earth. With required combinations of speed, strength, and endurance, Rugby players are required to develop a wide range of physically taxing attributes. Developing these attributes can take its toll on the body and that’s were supplementation and good nutrition comes into play.

Whether it’s a post–training protein shake, some pre-training pre workout, mid-training BCAA’s or daily greens, there’s a wide range of supplements that can enhance your game. It’s just about finding out what’s right for you.

In choosing rugby supplements you should first consider how often you train and what type of training you are doing. Are you doing a lot of resistance training in the gym in order to gain muscle, predominantly training for endurance, or both? Check out “Supps for Players” to help decide what’s right for you.

For tips and rugby supplementation advice, see below.

Pushing yourself regularly at the gym, on the field, or during games can put a lot of strain on the body. To cope with that strain, athletes need to fuel their body consistently. Proper nutrition doesn’t just mean having a good pre-game feed or post-match meal; it means consistently providing your body with the nutrients it requires. Below are some products that can support your body’s requirements.

Recommended Products for Rugby


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Suggested Use

Customise your dose to your desired intensity. 

For an everyday boost, mix 10g (1 tbsp) with 150ml water and consume 30 min prior to your workout.

For performance sessions, mix 20g (2 tbsp) with 300ml water and consume 30 mim prior to your workout.


Key Tip: We strongly recommend storing your PRE in the fridge to maintain maximum freshness and lifespan. 

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Supplementation can be done at any time. However, different supplements have their uses at different times. See below for a list of the best types of supplements for before, during, and after training.

Before training

Around 2 hours prior to training/kick off, athletes should have a decent meal to give their body a fresh source of fuel. In the hour prior to training (especially if you have missed the prior meal) then it’s best to consume some source of high GI carbohydrates.

These high GI carbs, such as dextrose, provide the body with an instantly accessible source of energy. However those looking to lose weight can skip the high GI carbohydrate, unless they have a very demanding training schedule. Another way to prepare your body prior to training is True Pre. True Pre provides your body with the protein and amino acids it needs to achieve peak performance.

During Training

Intra-training supplements are only necessary for those who train either for long periods of time (over an hour) or more than once a day. Nevertheless, there are a wide range of intra-training alternatives. For those looking to gain muscle or to cope with a demanding training schedule, BCAA’s are a great intra supplement. BCAA’s help keep your body in an anabolic (muscle building) state, whilst also providing your muscles with a source of fuel. Finally, for those training for endurance (perhaps going for long runs or cycles to keep you fit in the off-season), then True Fuel is perfect for you. Packed full carbohydrates, electrolytes and essential amino acids, True Fuel ensures you can perform at your best for longer.

After Training

Following exercise there is a 15-30 minute window in which the body is craving protein the most. The most convenient way to satisfy this need is a post-workout protein shake. By providing your body with the protein it needs immediately post workout, you’re kick-starting the recovery process. This ensures your muscles will recover faster, be assisted in growth, and be less sore in the following days. A post-workout shake is also the perfect place to stack other muscle assisting supplements such as Glutamine and Creatine. These supplements can assist recovery whilst also supporting your immune system.

Recommended For Supplement Suggestion Dosage
Pre Training An extra boost - Pre 10g
During Training Training sessions over 1 hour - True FUEL 30g
After Training Post Training Recovery - True WPI90 30g