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Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle Course Racing

Max out your endurance & performance

Whether you’re pushing to increase strength, boost endurance, or improve your OCR technique, True has you covered. Our range of supplements below is have been handpicked with obstacle course training in mind.

OCR & Supplements

There’s no better feeling than completing an obstacle course knowing you’ve given it your best. That means pushing yourself hard on race day and taking your training to the next level in the lead up. To help your body cope with such a demanding training regime, you need to consume a well-rounded wholefood diet, filled with protein, carbs and healthy fats. In addition to a well-rounded diet, supplementation is key to ensuring you maintain peak performance throughout your training and on race day.

Obstacle course racing is one of the most challenging forms of racing available. The unique combination of strength, speed and endurance ensures that athletes need to be proficient in a number of physically demanding attributes. Whilst training these attributes, your body is constantly under stress and subsequently needs the assistance of nutrition and supplementation to stay functioning efficiently.

When, what, and how to supplement are common questions that will all be addressed throughout this page. For tips and OCR supplementation advice, see below.

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Supps for Racers

Recommended Products for OCR

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When To Supplement

Whilst supplementation can be done at any time, supplementation is most effective during three key windows – before, after and post training/racing. See below for a list of the best supplements in each window and how to use them.

Before Training

In the lead up to training or a big event, you should eat something to give your body fuel. This meal should be had around 2 hours prior to exercise (or more depending on the size of the meal). In the hour prior to training or an event, TRUE PRE is the perfect supplement. TRUE PRE will help prepare the body by both alerting the nervous system and providing fuel for your muscles.

During Training

Intra-training supplementation is important to keep your body fuelled, especially during long distance events such as obstacle racing. Whilst racing, Endurance fuel is the perfect supplement. With high GI carbs to keep your body fuelled and an advanced mineral blend to keep your electrolytes replenished, endurance fuel will keep you feeling fresher for longer.

If you’re looking at intra-training supplementation for shorter sessions than TRUE BCAA 4:1:1 is the perfect option. BCAA’s will assist your training by keep your body in an anabolic state (muscle building) and whilst simultaneously providing fuel for your muscles to burn.

After Training

Post-workout supplementation is one of the most common and important periods of supplementation. In the 15-30 minutes immediately following exercise, your body will be craving protein to kick start the recovery process. As it’s often not viable to consume a high protein meal such a short time after a workout, protein shakes (such as our WPI90 or WPI80) are a convenient option.

After long-distance events, such as OCR racing, it is also important to replenish your carbohydrate levels to avoid excessive fatigue. TRUE POST is the perfect option for these periods. With a complete blend of protein and carbs, TRUE POST will provide you with everything you need after a long-distance event.

  Recommended For Supplement Suggestion Dosage
Pre Training Fuelling Your Body True Pre 25g
During Training Option 1 Long Distance Events True Endurance 40g
During Training Option 2 Shorter Training Sessions True BCAA 4:1:1 5g
After Training Option 1 Post Training Recovery True WPI90 30g
After Training Option 2 Post Long Distance Event Recovery True Post 80g
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