Latest Innovation - True PRO3

By Michelle
8 October 2015

The new product innovations just keep on coming from the True Protein lab, with the latest offering being True PRO3.  This product combines a blend of fast and slow releasing proteins, making it ideal for consumption any time of day.

Formulated from New Zealand sourced whey protein isolate and concentrate combined with Australian sourced milk protein concentrate, each 30g serve provides the body with 24g+ protein and low levels of fat and carbohydrates.

By combining fast and slow releasing proteins into one blend, the body receives a tapered release of amino acids, allowing for optimised recovery, energy and muscle growth.

“A regular protein shake will deliver amino acids to the muscles for around 1-2 hours after consumption but True PRO3 extends that up to around 5 hours.  This helps boost muscle growth and repair and makes this product the ideal all-round protein for anyone looking to maximise their training results,” said Justin Chapman, Product Development Manager.

The first release includes popular classics Rich Chocolate and French Vanilla, with Banana & Honey to be added to the range shortly.

True Protein supplies the highest grade food products in all our categories, including superfoods, amino acids, carbohydrates and protein powders.

True Protein is available at with delivery options available both within Australia and overseas.

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