Raw ABC Caramel Slice

True Protein Blogger by Sophie Roselt |@sophieroselt 24 December 2018

Looking for a crunchy, sweet, nutty dessert? Look no further, this slice is to die for!

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Raw ABC Caramel Slice

Makes 6-12


1 cup almonds
1 cup dates
½ cup shredded coconut
1 cup coconut oil
½ cup True Protein Natural ABC Butter
4 medjool dates
½ tsp True Protein Organic Cinnamon Powder
¼ cup coconut milk
1 tbsp True Protein Cacao Powder
¼ cup maple syrup


  1. Add almonds, cup of dates, shredded coconut and ¼ cup coconut oil into a blender and blend until combined. Press the mix into a tray and freeze until firm

  2. Add ABC Butter, medjool dates, ¼ cup coconut oil (add more for a smoother consistency), cinnamon and coconut milk into the blender and once blended add a layer to the already firm and cooled base and freeze again

  3. Add the cacao powder, maple syrup and the remaining coconut oil to a bowl and mix until smooth. Add the top layer to the middle and freeze

  4. Once the entire tray is frozen and firm, slice up and serve from frozen

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