Guide to Cluster Dextrin

True Protein Blogger by Will Florance 21 November 2016

It can be hard to find a clear explanation of a unique supplement, so here's an easy-to-understand guide to Cluster Dextrin

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Guide to Cluster Dextrin

Cluster Dextrin is widely touted as a game-changer in the field of carbohydrate-based sports drink supplements. But what actually is it? what does it do? and how do you use it?




What is Cluster Dextrin?

Cluster Dextrin, sometimes known as Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD), is a new advanced breed of maltodextrin. Cluster Dextrin differs from other high GI carbohydrates like Dextrose and Maltodextrin as it provides a sustained release of energy as opposed to a sudden spike in blood sugar and large insulin response. Cluster dextrin has a high molecular weight, narrow weight distribution, is soluble, and has an osmotic pressure near zero. In basic terms, Cluster Dextrin passes through your stomach faster than other carbohydrate supplements, making it more readily available for your body to burn as energy.


What does it do?

Cluster Dextrin has a number of unique properties that will enhance your current training. First and foremost it is a source of energy which is, of course, essential during training. Having access to more energy allows us to train longer and harder which promotes leans muscle growth. Cluster Dextrin provides you with energy whilst you workout, without making you feel bloated or nauseous. Cluster Dextrin’s low osmotic pressure means it passes through your stomach faster, preventing that bloated feeling. Similarly, Cluster Dextrin boosts workout performance. It’s high-solubility and fast gastric emptying time means your body will be able to maintain high blood sugar levels, whilst not inhibiting the burning of body fat, meaning you’ll have more energy to burn those last bits of fat! Thus, Cluster Dextrin increases performance, promotes fat burning, and decreases that nauseating feeling.


How do you use it?

If you’re partaking in endurance training or in an intense workout over an hour in length, then Cluster Dextrin provides you with the perfect intra-workout carbohydrate option. Similarly, if you haven’t had a pre-workout meal or are training early in the morning before breakfast, Cluster Dextrin can provide you with a quality pre-workout carbohydrate source that won’t upset your stomach during the early morning blur!

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