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Tim Tszyu

Tim Tszyu


In Dec 2016 Tim Tszyu debuted as a professional boxer at the SCG in Sydney, where he won his first fight by unanimous decision. Fast forward to Dec 2020 and Tim has achieved so much that he is now considered Australia’s No. 1 Boxer, with top 10 rankings in all boxing associations, including Ring Magazine’s Top 10 for his weight class.

Tim’s rise has been an amazing journey; he’s always busy, fighting up to five times a year. Despite Covid slowing the rest of the world down, Tim managed two major stadium sellout fights in 2020 - a world wide success that nobody else has achieved.

The Tszyu name is entrenched in world boxing history and Tim will rewrite the history books as he goes on to win his first of many world titles.



What’s your favourite True supplement?

True Pre workout blend.


How do you take your supplements?

I take my pre workout 45 minutes before training so I’m feeling good right from the start of my session


How often do you train?

I train twice a day - morning and afternoon - six days a week.