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Tanya Poppett

Tanya Poppett


Tanya Poppett is a Master Trainer and Fitness Coach sharing her unique blend of Strength, HIIT, Maintenance and Mobility workouts with the world. Tanya’s qualifications include a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, Master Trainer Level 1, and she has training in Pre and Post Natal. Tanya lives on the NSW South Coast with her partner and their young son.‍

What’s your favourite True supplement?

I love the Vegan 85 in the vanilla flavour because it is so versatile. It is also one of the smoothest vegan protein powders I’ve tried.

How do you take your supplements?

I usually mix my Vegan 85 Protein (vanilla or rich chocolate) into oats in the morning after my training session. I also love to mix it into a smoothie with some frozen fruits and the Greens Superfood Blend for an afternoon snack.

like to sip on BCAAs (BCAA 4:1:1) during my training session – particularly on strength days as I typically don’t get to eat before training.

I’m also excited to start incorporating Creatine back into my diet once I finish breast feeding – which I usually just mix in with my BCAAs.

At the moment I do 4 strength sessions a week + one Conditioning session. I also like to keep active on my ‘rest’ days with walks, swims or mobility work.