Peter Day

Peter Day


Peter Day is a multi-sport and performance athlete across a range of disciplines. He is best known for being a 2 x world champion at the F45 Playoffs fitness competition. Peter is also a personal trainer in Sydney and has been featured on numerous publications as part of his achievements.

How often do you train?
I train between 10-14 times a week

Do you have a favourite training song or quote you train by?
“Train hard today, to do tomorrow, what you couldn’t do yesterday.”

How do you take your supplements?
I am a big fan of listening to your body and understanding what you need at that time. Having my WPI90 post a big workout is a must - I have it with water as your body can absorb the nutrients faster and process what you need, particularly while you are in your metabolic window (within 30 minutes of your session ending). I also take the ZMA magnesium daily just before I go to sleep, which I have found great to let my muscle relax at night! My favourite combo is 2 scoops of WPI90 or WPC80 Rich Chocolate (depending on what I am having at the time), 1 banana, almond milk, ice, a few blueberries and a bit of honey - try that and tell me it's not amazing!

What is your favourite True Protein supplement and why?
Premium WPI90 in Rich Chocolate – I’ve tried so many good ones and this one still tops it!