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Mark Altmann

Mark Altmann


Paralympic Athlete

Born on the mid-north coast of Australia, Bronze Medal Paralympian Mark Altmann defied all odds to represent his country at the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney. Swimming a 100-metre breaststroke, 200-metre individual medley and 50-metre butterfly, Mark broke records to become the third fastest man in the world, aged just 17, taking home Bronze. Now the number one ranked paraclimber in bouldering in Australia, and the first ever paraclimber to join the newly created Australian Paraclimbing Team, Mark continues to push the limits of his mobility to compete at an elite level. Read Mark's story here.


How is your training regime adapted to suit you?

In all my sports previously I didn’t think about having to adapt my training at all. Basically, I could do it or I gave my best effort to match it. However, in climbing I literally cannot do the majority of the standard or core training climbers do. Anything to do with supporting my body solely from my arm is just out of the question. I do however find ways to work on my weaknesses and continue improving my strengths of balance and leg power.

I have also been learning a lot from adaptive CrossFit athlete, Logan Aldridge. He helped me put together my deadlift strap and opened my eyes to all the adaptive training possibilities.

What True Protein supplements do you use?

There are so many True products available to explore but I always turn to WPI90 to help me continue to perform at my best. True Protein’s WPI90 gives me the energy I need to train and perform while also helping my body to repair and recover, allowing me to get back to training faster.

Why do you choose True?

I trust True Protein. Knowing your products are all-natural and most importantly safe to take in competitive sport with the HASTA-certified range.