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Liz Clay

Liz Clay


Blessed with a naturally muscular build, Liz turned to sports as a teenager after she was told she was too athletic-looking for ballet. When realising her talent lay in athletics, and more specifically hurdling, Liz eventually moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast to pursue the sport professionally.

Now at the age of just 25, Liz is a 2021 Olympic hopeful for the Australian athletics team. Her career has had many notable highlights, particularly last years PB of 12.94 seconds in the 100m hurdle event. Liz continues to stay focused and determined, training hard to smash goals and stay on track for Olympic gold.


What’s Your Favourite True Supplement?

My favourite and most used True product is VEGAN85 protein powder. I use the HASTA certified formula so there no stress about taking it and it doesn’t make me feel heavy after. Plus it's the best textured vegan protein on the market!

How Do You Take Your Supplements?

I have at least one product from True everyday without fail. If I have a hard track session (usually Tuesday or Saturday) I'll make a drink with BCAACLUSTER DEXTRIN and pink salt to have pre and during the session. Post training I always have VEGAN85 + GLUTAMINE and sometimes CREATINE MONO depending on the cycle. Outside of training I usually have a True PROTEIN BAR as a snack at some stage in the day as well! They’re my staple supplements.

How Often Do You Train?

I train 5 days per week. Monday and Tuesday are double days with track and gym. Wednesday is rest or active recovery. Thursday I sprint, Friday lift, Saturday sprint, Sunday rest.