John Prutti

True Protein Blogger 1 by John Prutti 27 July 2020

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John Prutti

John Prutti is a passion-driven motocross free-rider and content creator. His 5 year professional motocross career has landed him numerous top 10 results in Australian Supercross and Motocross. 

In 2019 he transitioned into freeriding, pursuing world firsts and content creation. John cemented his name onto the global stage alongside only one other rider in history to have landed a foot plant 360. 

In 2020 he took on a world-first attempt to alley-oop the X-Games 18ft Quarterpipe, successfully landing into an air bag which resulted in a near career-ending injury. 
The accident saw him break both legs, damage his perineal nerve, undergo two knee reconstructions and a tendon transfer in his foot. Doctors orders mean he will be off the bike for 8 months. 

John is now focusing on his recovery and physical rehabilitation but continues to create content to inspire others. His number one goal is to help others who want ride


What’s your favourite True supplement?

My favourite True supplement would have to be Super C. I have it every single morning paired with Collagen. In my professional Motocross career I've struggled with keeping my immune system strong. Super C supplement keeps me charging and energy levels high!

How do you take your supplements? 

I like to spread my True supplements out throughout my training days combined with clean eating. Mornings kick off with Super C and Collagen. 
On riding days my body is generally pretty beaten up so I take Post protein after riding. The Protein Bars are also super convenient on the go between my two careers - photo and motocross. Coming off the back of breaking both my legs and two knee reconstructions I found adding in extra protein to help heal was crucial. The True Night 85 before bed is my go-to nighttime snack.


How often do you train?

During rehab it was every day... physio, chiro, Icing, massage and rehab exercises. During a normal week for moto my training plan is dependant on weather. On low wind days with sunny skies I maximise riding ramps, filming content and putting in laps. 
I'm usually in the gym four days a week, have three infrared saunas and mobility and active recovery every other day. 


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